White People Need to Assimilate



It’s easy to throw insults but can you dispute anything in that spreadsheet?


Noticing things is anti-Semitic now.


From what I’ve noticed, the chart was compiled by an anti-Semite and consists of nothing more than opinion.


Come on - take a look at the correlation between that matrix and the names of the “journalists” who write articles on the subject.


When writing on subjective topics, journalists observations are influenced by their opinion. The chart is anti-Semitic bullshit.


So what? People have a right to be racist.


We “white” Americans are GREAT at assimilating anyone willing to come here legally, learn English, work thier asses off, fend for themselves, respect Protestant values, and stay off our lawns.

Who’s next?


How is that racist? Think about it. If white people get bred out of existence by illegals…that would be demographic replacement and if that happens so much that there aren’t any white people left that would be a form of genocide, especially if it is being pushed politically. Just because you don’t like or agree with something doesn’t make it racist.

Just a friendly request: stop quoting pictures. When you reply to a post we know which one it is. You don’t need to copy the whole thing. It’s spam like and annoying to look at.


liberals and leftists needs to grow up, not everything is racist

I mean even the term “racism” has become polysemantic because of identity politics

A conservative views a racist as someone who thinks their race is superior to other races and intends to do harm to them because of their races, the collectivist mentality, Conservatives believes in individualism

A liberal/ leftist defines racism as in terms of impacts and feelings, if you hurt another person of another races feelings you’re a racist, if your actions disadvantage an already disadvantaged group you’re a racist

If your actions hurt their feelings you’re a racist, what kind of sick twisted leftist crap is that

If a person says they dont want to have a brown grandchild or whatever , isnt racist, unless the comment that followed was I don’t want brown mixing because they are inferior then its racist

And even then so what? is their life , why are libs trying to control others life, if the person is a racist so be it, only when they do harm to another person then we can deal with them, or least allow law enforcement to do its job and deal with them


Doesn’t matter. It will then become about something else.

Skin color is a symptom, not the cause.


MLK was no conservative but his dream of people being judged by something other than the color of their skin is one the Left loves to hear about yet opposes with every fiber of their beings. It’s like so many fundamentally decent things, the Constitution included: they’ve become like the household idols of the Left, that people proverbially blow kisses to on their way out of the home … functionally powerless and meaningless and they like them that way, would be outraged if people tried to implement them.