White People Need to Assimilate



Well, too bad. No one cares how it sounds to you.


The quote wasn’t “I would prefer a grand child who looks like me”. It was “Not wanting ‘brown gandbabies’…”


Fortunately, I inherited our family’s Greek genes.
I don’t burn… I tan.

Never have had a problem with being… brown. :wink:


And? If the reason they don’t want them isn’t because they think brown people are inferior, it’s not racist. Oh and Mexican isn’t a race. Someone who says they don’t want brown grandchildren can be innocuous. Why would it be wrong with someone from a Nordic background to want blond haired blue eyed grandchildren for aesthetic reasons? Would it be racist for someone from an Amerindian backrgound to want grandchildren with Amerindian ancestry? Or is it only racist when we are talking about white people who want grandchildren who look like themselves and their ancestors?


Did they say any of those things you are inserting here? Or did the poster just say she didn’t want brown babies?

I mean, heck, using your guidelines, those marchers in Charlottesville might not have meant anything racist by chanting ‘jews will not replace us’. I mean, after all, they might simply have mean they would prefer to be replaced by direct relatives, so as to keep the money from their wages in the family.


While I have not seen Flores’ TED Talk, and don’t want to - he sounds like an anti assimilation Aztlan advocate. The idea that White people need to assimilate into which newly crowned superior culture?

There is no such thing as a diversity culture. There is diversity of cultures, but the whole idea of mainstream culture is like mainstream language- one that everyone can communicate in. The other issue is that none of these neuvo virtue signal cultures have done as well as mainstream American/European culture - they simply haven’t - and won’t. The biggest bunch of nonsense the left puts forth is that mainstream culture is somehow ‘White’. Lots of Whites function in mainstream culture, and so do lots of Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians (am I missing any newly labeled protected groups?).

Through the patronizing treatment and celebration of cultures based on race, the left can at once make some races ‘victims’, and others (well, really only one) - oppressors. Hispanics initially fell for the left’s nonsense - along with ethnic ‘pride’ schemes, and rejected assimilation into the mainstream. The left shrilled that Hispanics, and Blacks (but not Asians) were being kept out by White racism.

Hispanics have been discovering the lie of that cry over the last thirty years, and have largely moved into the mainstream, and every strata of American society. Blacks have been slower about waking up, but have been doing so, and are moving in and up as well. Oh, and Asians? - they figured it out after WWII and assimilated immediately - no self pity (though for Japanese Americans it might be justified) just hard work and moving up.

Statistically, intermarriage of Hispanics and Whites is quite common, Asians and Whites even more so. Backs and Whites - still uncommon - must be racism…

Or maybe a chasm between cultures - persistently maintained by the left.


Do you speak Spanish?


Tom looks as bad as Ginsburg and almost as coherent.


What is it called when one country comes into another country and forces them to adopt their culture? I think there’s a word for it.


First of all, not wanting brown grandbabies is a hypothetical, who actually said it? So don’t try and pretend you know why these hypotheticals said it. My point is, if they said it, you have no idea why they did or what their motivation was. My assumption that they just wanted grandchildren who looked like themselves as opposed to a racist motivation is just as likely or valid as your assumption they are racist. Secondly, I don’t for a second believe you would have any criticism for black grandparents who expressed a desire for black grandchildren.


“White Shaming” it’s “the In Thing”.


A poster named Anna said it.


I can see you are easily triggered by open talk of demographic replacement. Why is that?


About that - please explain the following:


That’s how Muhammad Ali explained it.


The only way to fix that is to remove the birthright citizenship amendment that was added to the constitution in the late 1800s and start a massive level of nationwide deportations.


Whites are too busy working to support the 54% that live off their backs !!!


The great irony of waving the banner of “Diversity” while advocating we all have babies of color is that if and when that browning of the whites is complete, you have lost diversity.


While saying your don’t want brown grand babies MIGHT be racist, I think we call can agree this post DEFINITELY is racist.


And now an anti-semite joins the fray.