What is Happening with IP Bans

My friend who I invited to join this forum just emailed me. He wanted me to ask this question because he cannot log on anymore.

He says that his device says that he cannot log into this site anymore from his IP address.

His screen name is KeepAmericaGreat

Why would you guys ban his IP address? Now he can’t log on. It looks like you did not ban him, just his address.

I certainly hope that this was not a way of circumventing the banning process, because if it was done to him it can be done to anybody, including me. I certainly hope that what did NOT happen was that somebody wanted him gone, could not justify banning him, so instead zapped his IP address. Because if thats what happened then I can think of a few people, including me, who are probably next.

You guys obviously have his email address. He would like to exchange emails with whoever is running the show and find out what happened. Thats what he said.

If anybody want to yell at me go ahead. At this point I am just the messenger so I will ignore all attacks.

Hard to say who is behind it. I’m suspicious that some members are capable of doing things like that…

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Sockpuppet accounts are not permitted here.


I invited the dude He’s not a sock. You got proof? If he was a member here already he would have told me

Who’s IP address does his match up with

Did you email him?

Whatever. I am just the messenger, and you have already proven to me in the past that you are not to be trusted

That explains a lot. The timing of the responses, the timing of the posts, the mutual complaining.



Now that’s just plain sloppy :joy:


Oh, thats nice. So now Iive in Washington state? Funny since I live in California.

I should have known when you invaded a private conversation and threatened me that you were capable of anything. But thats something else again.

Thats all I need to know about this place.

Ok dude - I get flags on socks from the system. You shared the same IP. No faking that.


He was also using the sock account to flag posts he didn’t like to get them hidden. Quite disingenuous.



@TrumpTrain you probably shouldn’t have made a post demanding that your sock account have their IP address unblocked so you can continue shitposting and disrupting the forum :rofl:

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As @Patriot has said time and time again, people always ban themselves here.

In an age of instant gratification having a little patience still pays off.

Well played @Tyfoon @KVN


I thought it was us EBIL NAHTZEES that were the trolls!

We apparently have more respect for the rules and this community than the people who are complaining about us do.

I’m glad that this is how that foul-mouthed jerk went down. Good. I hope he’s embarrassed.

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Ditto! :+1:

clap2 clap2



I seem to recall him saying he didn’t really care if he got banned.

That was before he discovered that his sock puppet would also be banned! :rofl:

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The professionals here must use an IP masker.

The way I’ve trained our illustrious volunteers is to think of the movie Braveheart. Hold! Hold! Hold!

Gather evidence, document IP ranges, and provide it when asked.

It’s always best to ban the sock first. It draws the perpetrator out. They always ask about their “friend’s” account which is a dead giveaway.

Before he made the mistake of logging in simultaneously with the same IP address, he had set off some alarms with his “friend” flagging posts within seconds of his initial flag. At first, that is evidence of coordinated flagging. I told Kelly and Ty to just keep an eye on it and let it play out.

People do indeed ban themselves…and when they do it is usually fairly good entertainment for the rest of us.

Thank you to Kelly and Ty for stepping in for me during this time. I will be back as usual this weekend. I am aware of the issues to be addressed.


Based…literally 4D chess.

I don’t know about that. It’s just having attention to detail and being thorough. Instead of reacting with emotions to a frustrating situation let the data do the job. We have enough internal controls to catch stuff like this. There are ways to sidestep but people always make mistakes. All it takes is forgetting to turn on that VPN one time and you’re caught.