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The only person substituting BS for fact is your self.

Fact, he screwed numerous people he did business with.

Fact, he screwed around on three different wives including Melani while she was pregnant with his youngest son.

To anyone with a moral compass that makes him a horrible human being.

I’ve already stated I support most of what he’s done AS president, that doesn’t make him a good or moral person.


So, I want to see if I get the gist of what you’re saying, you support the things President Trump is doing but you don’t support him personally as he has some major character flaws ( infidelity, womanizing etc)

I believe I know what you think of the Clintons, but Im curious what do you think of JFK and FDR?


Pretty much the same thoughts about Kennedy although it was more than a decade after his death before the truth about him came out.

The only thing I respect about FDR was his vision in seeing WWII coming and the need to get our war production up by 38-39 to prepare for it and to support the British so we’d have a base of operations to invade the continent from.

After the early days of the war he also did a pretty good job of not playing armchair general and letting the senior staff officers plan and execute the war.

Other than that he was a pretty horrible president on numerous levels. As a person he was pretty well pure evil as shown by his long running affair with his secretary, Japanese internment, and his battle with the courts.

He was however the perfect man for the job as Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and Hirohito rose and began their expansions. With a few exceptions he was a great wartime president.


Few of our recent presidents are of moral character which makes the other presidents horrible human beings or politicians.


And? Is there a point here somewhere?


And your contempt for Trump is different from the contempt you should have had for past presidents how?


I’ve had a great deal of contempt for many past presidents starting long before Trump came into the club.


And as I stated , in your narrow view their are so many horrible people in the USA it would be impossible NOT to label ALL of them horrible people and a hell of more women than you care to talk about . Good day .


so you respect FDR for being the strong leader during the WW2, I would say Japanese Americans would disagree, I would say African Americans would disagree and Native indians would disagree.

If you say that FDR was a strong leader then you would agree that Stalin was a great leader for the Soviet Union, certainly you dont believe that right?

as we found out later , Stalin’s action lead to the commencement of World war 2.

I dont see how FDR was a great war time president

Im curious what do you think of the United Nations? ( yes there is a point of me asking this question)


If you cheat on not one, not two, but three spouses yes you’re a horrible person.

If you cheat numerous people you do business with you are a horrible person.


Roosevelt did a great job of seeing the war on the horizon and preparing us for it. After about the first six months of the war he did a great job of letting the professionals plan, prosecute, and execute the war rather than trying to micromanage it.

As I said, the internment of the Japanese was pretty much pure evil.

I’m not getting your reference to Stalin being responsible for the war, that is just absolutely false. Hitler planned the war for years before he was even elected and began preparing for an offensive war of conquest as soon as he took office.

Stalin was at best a poor war time leader who kept executing his best generals because of his own paranoid delusions and he sacrificed tens of millions of soldiers and civilians alike by throwing them at the Germans with little or no training and equipment.

I can’t remember the exact quote but like Saddam at one point Stalin said something to the effect of "we have a 120 million people in the Soviet Union and we only need about 60 million of them so what happens to the rest I cold care less about.

In the purgest during the advance on Germany and following the war he killed in excess of 30 million of his own people, and more starved more than half of the population of Ukraine and Crimea to death so he could replace them with ethnic Russians.

The nicest and truest thing you can say about Stalin is that he was an effective leader because in the end he was able to accomplish his goals but at a horrible price to the people he supposedly served.


We were so prepared for Pearl Harbor.
Our airforce with their buffalo fighters were no match for the Zero’s. Our navy not quite up to the task for dealing with the wolfpacks in the Atlantic.
Some of FDR’s failures:
Failure to build up the US Air Corps and Navy prior to June 1940.
Failure to plan for the German U-boat attack in 1942. Refused Navy advise to build DE’s prior to Pearl Harbor.
Failure to adequately provide for the defense of Pearl Harbor.
Failure to build Aircraft Carriers instead of Battleships prior to 12-7-1941.
Endorsement of Marshall’s absurd “Sledgehammer” plan.
And the best: His refusal to delay start of Pacific War by compromising with the Japanese. We could have delayed the start of the war by 3-6 months which would have given us time to prepare for the attack.

Apparently your text book in history was much different from mine.


How were we to see PH coming exactly? Only once in history had such an attack even been attempted and that was by the Italians.

The development of advanced fighters that could counter the zero began in 37, but congress would not pony up the money necessary to accelerate development and production. Planes like the P38 F4u and F4f were already well into development before the start of the war and production of the F4F’s for the Brit’s had been going on since late 39, early 40.

What we did however was starting in 39 was to begin converting a significant amount of US domestic production over to wartime production keeping the Brits and Soviets in the fight so we’d not have to go it alone.

By the time PH happened our war production was already in full swing which is why we were able to win the war in just four years instead of fighting on for a decade or more. Within a year all the losses from PH had been repaired or replaced and we were well on the way to a 20 carrier fleet by early 43.

As for the wolfpacks in the atlantic within a year of the US entry into the war we’d won the Uboat war with a combination of ship based radar and long range bombers. By the end of 43 Hitler had lost more than a third of his entire fleet of Uboats as we and the brits combined to put 366 of them on the bottom by the close of december.

As soon as the mid atlantic air gap was closed it was over for the Uboat’s supremacy.


Did you forget the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact? without it, Hitler would not or even dared to attack Poland, and if Hitler didn’t attack Poland, Britain wouldn’t have declared war against Nazi Germany.

The nicest thing I can say about Stalin is?

Can’t come up with anything.

The best thing that Stalin did for the Soviet Union was in 1953 , particularly march 5th.
the best thing Stalin did was he DIED.


So it take at least three . And you know he cheated on three because ???
And if you do something illegal in business there are remedies too . Is it possible for you to wait and see if any court agrees with YOU ? I ASSUME you will be taking the stand as a witness to all this illegal business dealings ? :roll_eyes:


The F4F-3 Wildcat was Grumman’s first monoplane fighter totally outclassed by the Mitsubishi Zero. It was inferior to the Zero in speed, rate of climb and maneuverability, its performance was mediocre at best.

The F4F-4 was the first version produced in substantial numbers and made its inaugural flight on April 14, 1941.

As to Pearl harbor, you explain it:
By Jacqui Goddard in Miami

8:00AM GMT 04 Dec 2011

It was described by President Franklin D.Roosevelt as “a date that will live in infamy”, a day on which the slaughter of 2,400 US troops drew America into Second World War and changed the course of history.

Now, on the 70th anniversary of Japan’s devastating bombardment of the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbour, Hawaii, evidence has emerged showing that President Franklin D.Roosevelt was warned three days before the attack that the Japanese empire was eyeing up Hawaii with a view to “open conflict.”

The information, contained in a declassified memorandum from the Office of Naval Intelligence, adds to proof that Washington dismissed red flags signalling that mass bloodshed was looming and war was imminent.

“In anticipation of possible open conflict with this country, Japan is vigorously utilizing every available agency to secure military, naval and commercial information, paying particular attention to the West Coast, the Panama Canal and the Territory of Hawaii,” stated the 26-page memo.

Dated December 4, 1941, marked as confidential, and entitled “Japanese intelligence and propaganda in the United States,” it flagged up Japan’s surveillance of Hawaii under a section headlined “Methods of Operation and Points of Attack.”

The memo, now held at the Franklin D.Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum in upstate New York, has sat unpublicised since its declassification 26 years ago. Its contents are revealed by historian Craig Shirley in his new book “December 1941: 31 Days that Changed America and Saved the World.”


Trump did nothing illegal in business.

If he did he would have been in jail. Declaring bankruptcy isn’t illegal or immoral or many people in this country would be in jail.


Some people have a difficult time separating the man from the results he provides as President.

This is a business deal between him and the voters of the United States. Build the wall, demolish ObamaCare, expose the MSM for what it is as well as the socialists.

Trump has done a fine job with that. He is a businessman; not “groomed” from day one to pander.

What he has done in his personal life in none of my business.

What he does for America is my business.


People exploit laws and loopholes in the laws everyday of the week. Like it or not he did not break the law. He was smart enough to use the law to his advantage.


Are you kidding? That pact was just a ruse to keep from having to go to war with the SU before having first finished taking all of Western Europe. Hitler was going to invade regardless.