What Happened When My 12-Year-Old Black Son Sat Next To A Trump Supporter On A Plane - Sorry it's a bit long


He did nothing that was “criminal”, he’s lost numerous lawsuits over civil violations.


We knew an attack was likely coming at some point somewhere in the Pacific but they had no specific information as to when, where or what such an attack would look like.

The Aleutians, Philippines, Midway and HI were all put on a low level alert but at that time no one had a clue where the main Japanese fleet or the secondary force was.

Kimmel had been warned that if an attack came it would likely take the form of a land invasion and blockade, not a carrier borne aerial first strike.

They were most worried about saboteurs and torpedo boat attacks which is why they bunched all of the aircraft well away from the edges of the fields and lined up or ships so that the capital ships were protected by smaller ships in the harbor.

The Navy’s funding had been cut to such an extent that keeping half the fleet at sea constantly was no longer even possible and they did what they could with what they had.

Read your own citation, it’s not a war warning nor does it include any actionable intelligence.


No, Hitler didn’t believe he was strong enough to go to war with the Soviet Union , he certainly didn’t want a war with Britain, He did want to destroy France because of the Treaty of Versailles .

He also wasn’t fond of Britain because of the “jewry connections”

Chamberlain and Lebrun were too inept and weak minded to enforce the Treaty of versailles.

Hitler called their bluff and made them look silly, Its too bad that Churchill wasnt prime minister at that time because he would have sent British troops to dismantled Hitler’s forces.

Even Hitler Acknowledged that.


You’re making all of this up. Hitler hated the communists more than even the Jews and his intent all along was to turn on Stalin once western Europe was secured.

They also knew from the earliest days of planning that there was no way to avoid war with England as part of the conquest of Western Europe. They had mutual defense agreements with many nations not just Poland including France.

There was no possible way to conquer western Europe without England becoming involved in spite of that idiotic pact between Hitler and Chamberlain.


My point exactly.

One thing for certain is some people condemn Trump for being Trump and said nothing about the past transgressions of previous presidents.


Previous presidents were not the subject of the discussion.


have you ever read that nonsense " mein kampf" ? He hated communism or bolsheviks because of the jewish Influence" Trotsky, Zinoviev, Lenin( his mother was half jewish)

Hitler’s goal was to expand German Territories, get back German land that was lost because of the Treaty of Versailles and to rid the German Empire of the Jews.

And the nazi psychopath almost accomplished that feat.


Read it several times over several decades.

Hitler was never going to limit his actions to reclaiming the lands lost with the settling of WWI. He was in fact able to take most of it back without ever firing a shot with the exception of the invasion of Poland in which he took half the country, not just the small portion lost as a result of the treaty.

You’re right in that those were his initial claims to get the German People behind his war machine but his actions certainly showed there was never any thought of stopping until all of Western Europe was under his control.

Once that was accomplished the plan all along was to attack the SU.

Unfortunately the Japanese broke their word to him and attacked the US at least a year early forcing US into the war and forcing him to change his strategy.

Remember, Germany had one serious problem, they had next to no domestic oil production and the best supplies of same in Europe were under the control of the Soviets.

It didn’t matter how many subs, ships, tanks, or planes Germany built, they had to have the petroleum to turn them into viable weapons.

The desperation began as soon as we declared war and went into overdrive when we invaded N. Africa. Not only did that cut him off potentially from ME oil, Once NA was taken it put our bombers in range of the Caucasus fields which Hitler had previously seized early on in the first few months of the invasion.

Hitler then became completely desperate hence full on drive to destroy the Russian Army and drive straight to Moscow as quickly as possible.

In truth, the Japanese in addition to engineering their own destruction by failing to find and sink all of our carriers on PH day, they pretty well sealed the fate of the third reich as well.


…and if his own lifetime record of activities was made public, I suspect he would be just as horrible a person as anyone he has named thus far.


Can the personal crap and act like an adult.

I’ve never cheated on my wife and I’ve never cheated anyone I did business with.


Such a righteous soul.

Not 1 person in this country has never broken a law which includes you.


Trump has a huge business and with every large business comes lawsuits it is the cost of doing business !


well that is great TWR, but youre not an elected official are you?
The truth be told many of historical figures and some as heroes are flawed human beings.

General Eisenhower the man who led the Allies to victory had a mistress
MLK jr also had mistresses and it put a strain on his marriage, yet most people overlook that.

Nelson mandela was no saint either, he was known to be a philander.

yet world glorifies these men and looks down on Trump because he did the same thing

perhaps you can explain the hypocrisy?


Any man that has never lusted after a woman is a homosexual.

Any real man that says he’s never lusted after a woman is a liar.

Any man that has ever lusted after a woman other than his wife has committed adultery.

Any man that says he has never lusted after a woman other than is wife is a liar.

The above list includes all male posters on this and any other thread on all websites in existence.

This is not a personal attack. I am a real man.


Screwing people out of their money is not “part of the cost of doing business” it’s a choice.


Don’t confuse legality and morality. Most laws on the books today have nothing to do with morality.


There’s no hypocrisy on my part but I can’t speak for the rest of the world. Democrats have however proven that their version of reality only applies to the political opposition. Bad acts by their own people can always be dismissed or excused.

As for “worshiping great men”, worshiping any man will get you into deep trouble at some point.

For my part though I want the most moral and decent people we can find in high office because they wield a tremendous amount of power and without a solid moral foundation they are ever more prone to abusing that power.


Jimmy Carter from all that Ive read has morals, there is no evidence he has cheated on his wife, yet as a leader he was terrible.

we would love a candidate that has morals, but that is not the case is it?

Both parties dont have the ideal candidates, for some reason federal politics doesn’t attract quality people, they are either susceptible to cronyism or corruption or power hungry or they are inept.


We’ve had a lot of very good, very moral leaders going all the way back to Washington.

Politics is becomong so vicious though I wonder if we’ll ever have another one. Look at where we are today, everyone associated with Trump has been destroyed in the media and as many as he can get to are being destroyed by Mueller as well.

I can remember back in the 70’s-80’s my dad shaking his head over “scandal after scandal” why any decent man would even consider running for public office knowing what his family and friends would be put through.

That era of course is nothing compared to what we’re living through today.


moral leaders? ha

Washington owned slaves including 11 other presidents that owned slaves

Jefferson had an affair with a slave woman and had 5 children

bottom line is very few are moral, theyve done some good things for the country but some were far from moral