What Happened When My 12-Year-Old Black Son Sat Next To A Trump Supporter On A Plane - Sorry it's a bit long


Lying constantly even when it serves no purpose, cheating on all three of his wives, and cheating those he does business with.

All add up to making him a horrible person.


Ok, that’s just funny as hell. Good on you and good on your kids.


The growth of the black middle class is going to eventually be the downfall of the DC and they realize it now, hence the rush for amnesty and flooding the country with as many illegals as possible.

Even if it takes years or decades for the illegals to gain legal status their kids will be citizens and raised to be loyal democrats because of all of the handouts and the “pro illegal” bent of the party.

Add to that their continued opposition to voter ID and other means to secure the vote and it’s pretty obvious.

Being black doesn’t make one stupid but being raised black in a welfare family particularly in the inner city leads to blacks largely growing up fooled from day one. It takes a lot to break that kind of conditioning especially when it is so deeply embedded for so long but the more blacks who break into the MC the more obvious it becomes.


Yeah, I have had that thought from time to time, but I have been shocked how easily the AA community accepted the LGBTXYZ agenda foisted on them by the Obama administration.

Cross this with how the Chicago burbs turned blue, and more recent examples like Northern Virginia. Suburbia seems to almost universally melt backbones.

Ask any “progressive” just what they are progressing toward, as we have many times, and if they actually manage a second of honesty they will say secular socialism, meaning communism.


Wow , really ? What were these huge egregious lies you are referring to ? What would this make Bill and Hillary then ? Do you feel the same way about 99% of those in Washington today ? What about the liberal media are they horrible too ?


The media under Obama hammered the acceptance message for years is it any surprise??

The same media has been hammering the Trump is evil message for 3 straight years, is this really a surprise?

The not so biased media is just a distant memory replaced with the political messaging arm of the progressive agenda.


Some will never get it.

The election was largely about the lesser of 2 evils.

The election was about fly over country, deplorable and the lack of respect the left has for half the country.

I find it laughable that all of a sudden Trumps personal life os of such a concern.

JFK’s little problem with women, ignored. How was that little dance with MM?
Reagans divorce.
Clinton and his abuse of women, not even mentioned.
Bush 2 and his little drug problem.
Obama and his BIG drug problem, using and selling POT and cocaine. Obama’s missing private life locked away is totally ignored.
Or they could talk about Mc Cains divorce a reprehensible act at best.

Yet all of a sudden Trump’s divorces are a major issue.

Hypocrites one and all.


so what does that make Bill Clinton? he has lied, cheated on his wife since he was attorney General in Arkansas, we all know about his affairs as Governor and President, is that an honest guy?

What about JFK, fooling around in his pregnant wife and fooling around with interns, as president.

LBJ, FDR all had affairs when they were president of the United States, yet Trump and Im not sticking up for Trump because I dont condone that kind of behaviour hasn’t done while being president, the man has never taken drugs at any point in his life unlike Barrack Obama and Bill Clinton yet those men are forgiven for their past behaviour but Trump isn’t?

Im sorry Im calling hypocrisy in the third degree on this one.

The only president that I can see that has no bad past seems to be Jimmy Carter and George W.Bush ( I would assume that Laura would have beaten him silly if he did) mind you most people dont know this but Laura Bush killed someone ( car accident) by running a stop sign at 17.

I bet if her hubby was running today they would have crucify her for it.


President Trump is the ONLY president that tried to keep ALL of his campaign promises ! He may act like one of the guys on the shop floor and rarely take shit from anyone . That’s the very reason he won the election . @ WildRose thinks our president was the only one to ever "lie " and cheat on their spouse . To label him a horrible person is a bit dramatic at the very least ! Do I have to list all the good he has done in the last two years , need we compare him to Obama , Clinton , Bush 1 , Bush 2 ??


If you’re under the impression that it’s mostly men who cheat on their wives , then you are mistaken. Approximately 65% of married women cheat on their husbands and LIE about it . According to new research , far more married women are seeking affairs for romance and sexual satisfaction without any plans of divorcing their partner. So are they horrible people ?

Elizabeth Taylor ,Tori Spelling, Gabrielle Union , Anne Heche , Jessica Simpson,** Whoopi Goldberg, Le ann Rimes, Meg Ryan, Kelly Brook , Jennifer Lopez , Kristen Stewart,

Thomas Jefferson , John F. Kennedy, Newt Gingrich , MLK , Rudy Giuliani, Eliot Spitzer, Bill Clinton , Kwame Kilpatrick , Lyndon B. Johnson , Dwight D. Eisenhower, John Edwards , Jessie Jackson , Arnold Schwarzenegger , Gary Condit , Anthony Weiner Thomas Jefferson , ALL HORRIBLE PEOPLE ?


For some unknown reason some think the president isn’t a human being. Somehow they are above it all except when it comes to drugs.


Apparently the lady lies to her kid an awful lot OR has been drinking the kool-aid so long that she is devoid of original thought. We hired a man that had very little business being in politics , exactly the reason we hired him. All this talk about how ‘horrible’ he is has zero effect on the Trump voter because we knew the dog before we threw him in the pit. NO ene is going to take him out through financial drain, vexatious litigation, political blackmail or bribe. You want him out you’ll have to change some things quite drastically and then MAYBE vote him out.

He is the SUPREME RUINER for the Liberal subverts and their socialist agenda. HUGE period on that statement, and more power to him and the NEXT Anti-politician we find.


Try reading what I wrote instead of what you imagine and we can have an honest conversation.

As for Bill and Hillary they are the scum of the earth and belong in prison.


Reagan’s divorce doesn’t even begin to come into play. His first wife was an abusive loon who cheated on him.

All elections boil down to a one of the two major party candidates winning no matter who we vote for, I get that.

I never mentioned Trump’s divorces being a problem so I don’t know where you came up with that. The problem was screwing around on them while still married and cheating the people he did business with.

As I said though, my vote was irrelevant, he was going to carry the state in double digits with or without me and neither he nor Hillary got my vote so it’s a zero sum gain for both.


Its funny, Democrats forgive Democrats
You guys forgave Clinton for his affairs including the ones he had at the White house, but want to crucify Trump what he did in his private life decades ago

You forgave JFK, LBJ, for their affairs but Trump not at all.

You forgave Robert Byrd an actual Klansman and grand poobah who also did not vote for the two black supreme court nominees

But you call Trump a racist for calling out some mexican scumbag illegals

You denounced republicans for trying to impeach Bill Clinton who basically lied to congress but want to impeach Trump for Russian alleged collusion?

Im guessing you didn’t read the laws regarding “collusion”, but hey impeach him for Trump University and not disclosing his tax returns aright? nothing to with his presidency that he won, remember that, it takes 270 electoral votes to win and Trump got 304 to Clinton’s 227

I would understand if Trump got only 271 and Clinton got 260 perhaps we could chat, but she got smoked like a bad cigar .

you forgave Hillary for not disclosing what she made on Wall Street for her speeches , but cant let go that Trump hasn’t made his tax returns public…


Edited for grammar correction.


8 million moved out of poverty and off of food stamps as well. But “Trump is a Racist”.


Democrats simply don’t care as long as the person toes the party line and promotes the leftwing agenda. No forgiveness needed and rarely is it even asked for.

It’s all for show, nothing more, nothing less.

It wasn’t until Clinton’s 2nd Term that I discovered just what an amoral bunch of hypocrites the dem’s are.


While the leftwits do anything to continue Abortion for any reasoning, holding down the AA population.

Dems, after all, are the party of Sanger.


I think they finally figured out it wasn’t going to work with Hispanics since the vast majority are Catholics, hence their hard push to bring them into the fold.


I did and you put out nothing but media BS ! Like I said the president has done more for the Country in his first year than Obama did in 8 years . So before labeling someone a “HORRIBLE” person based on media perception deal more in FACTS ! ps , you don’t want to have an honest conversation , you simply want to bash a great president because that’s what you do best .