Ukrainian war and peace

I didn’t know Crimea was not part of Ukraine per se, even before the (US-engineered) Maidan coup of 2014.

The vast majority of Crimeans always identified themselves as Russian.

Propaganda is a son of a bitch. Awful

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Crimea is not what we in the west (US, western Europe, South Korea, and Japan) think.
MSM in these countries are a cesspool of lies.

Crimea was an independent republic at the moment of the (US-engineered) Maidan violence in 2014. When the people of Crimea saw what transpired at the Maidan Square in Kiev and ousting of the President, they realized that it was an illegal coup d’etat. They then voted overwhelmingly to return back to Russia, from which Crimea had been taken away by the whim of then leader, Nikita Khrushchev.

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It’s time to end this war!.

The Khazarian mafia want to rule the world.
They managed to destroy and enslave Germany and Japan.

They did the same to Russia in 1917, but Russia was resurrected miraculously from the land of the dead. That’s why they hate Russia so much.

What about China and the US? I don’t know about China but the US has become the tool of the Khazarian mafia.


The beast has no brain (due to severe dumbing down) but has formidable physical prowess (military power) and the whore of Babylon controls its military actions.

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The Khazar king was called “Kagan” which corresponds to Mongol “Khan.” The family name of Kagan is often found among Khazar Joos, the husband of Victoria Nuland for one. (Robert Kagan, a well-known neocon)

The Khazars were notorious slave traders and this family tradition brought African slaves to North America later. After their conversion to Pharisee Judaism, and the downfall of their empire, the Khazars mixed with their slaves of various racial origins.

There are some theories as to the reason for their conversion to Pharisee (Talmudic) Judaism, but the most convincing theory is that the Khazars felt they had been abandoned by their ancestral spirits and deities and needed a new religion that would accommodate their long-sought ambition of world conquest.

There is something weird about this war, I think Russia could end it if they wanted to

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It is not just a war between two countries.
It’s a war between two financial / monetary / banking systems.
Babylonian (fake) money /banking system vs real, gold-backed money system.

Dark, Khazarian religion (involving human trafficking and human sacrifices) vs Orthodox Christianity

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Khazarians hate Christian Russia as their enemy #1.
Enemy #2 is Germany.

Over two centuries they have managed to pit Russia against western Europe, be it Germany, England or France.

Nord Stream is a success story in the economic cooperation between Russia and Germany. No wonder Khazarians (Read Neocons) wanted to blow it up.

This war in Ukraine is not just a (limited) war between Russia and Ukraine. It has a much deeper historical background.

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How does Ukraine have a Nazi army and a ■■■■■■ president? Makes no sense

The Austrian painter who became famous for other talents had a Jooish mother.

Other topnotch Nazi leaders in Germany were Joos.

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This is what I keep hearing

There were a number of Jooish generals in Hitler’s army and a general air force field marshal (Erhard Milch).
Holocaust is a lie.

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It’s amazing that we can’t talk about this in schools the real story

Holohoax was invented years after WWII ended.

Red Cross recorded 270,000 dead (1/4 of a million) in various Nazi camps which included those who died from infectious diseases and POWs. Joos and non-Joos.

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Crematorium doth not a death camp make.
Where I live, there are three crematoria, one to the east about 3 miles away, one to the north also 3 miles and one northeast, I don’t know how far.

If you have a town or large city, people always die on you.

What’s crazy about the Nazi project was that they tried to transfer the entire East European Jooish population to Palestine. And this was unacceptable for the British.

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Truth about the grain deal.
Why Russia had to destroy Odessa port.
The Wagner group and its future.
Poland’s action.

From Kissinger’s (unsung) visit to China to the Russian tank that gets hit 19 times by missiles and still keeps running

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