Ukrainian war and peace

You better hope he wins. 6,000 nukes pointed at us…

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Here we go

Blame those who tampered with the voting machines for this. Oh I forgot there wasnt any evidence of voting machine malfunctions or ballot harvesting etc in the election. Slow Joe won FAIR AND SQUARE.

You must be scared of his shadow!!! He is bluffing because he knows the consequences of launching them as he will have a short life span and wont live to enjoy it if he isnt assassinated before hand.

This is the US mainstream. Contrary to its claim, Russia is not interested in gaining territory. Russia will readily retreat, abandon villages and towns, even the whole oblast, if Russia sees no point in holding on to them.

Russia’s goal is the destruction of Kiev’s army, which involves — unfortunately — killing of its men, in addition to destruction of western tanks and other war materiel.

I wish russia would take out the big mouth leader they have

On this I agree , Putrid has censored all negative information about Russias setbacks in Ukraine in the media to ots citizens.
Russias aim in Ukraine is also to install a " Russian Friendly" government.

This is life, powerful countries take over weak ones.
We shouldn’t be involved

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We are only supplying weapons and ammo to Ukraine. US personnel on the ground are CIA and SPEC OPS.
Are you an ISOLATIONIST???

Scott Ritter
Ignore the German part.

Some European politicians live in a fantasy land.
The people of these respective countries don’t seem to support them. Many Germans think Baerbock (Foreign Minister, Green Party) is an idiot.

We have troops on the ground…

The western media (in the US in particular) is trapped in its own lies. The western weapons (American, German, French, etc) aren’t any better than Russian weaponry.

Ukraine already used cluster munition in Zaporozhe area. Locals report a boy was killed when he contacted a bomblet on the street.

Big fight in Yerevan.
People generally can name famous capitals and state capitals… like Toronto for Canada, Sydney for Australia, Albuquerque for New Mexico and New York City for New York… Huh?

I myself wasn’t sure where Armenia was, much less Yerevan.
But Water fight in the height of summer is cute.

This guy is great ……So is this thread…

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So embarrassing.

Colonel MacGregor had first-hand experiences with these bombs in Iraq. These bombs had little effect on tanks and armored vehicles, but they messed up trucks and other vehicles that followed.

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America is low on ammo…

If you dont know, cluster bombs are designed to hit the trenches and detonate mines. Ukraines percentage of duds is FAR LESS than Russias. I guess PBers here supports Russias use of them and not Ukraine.

I hope Ukraine gets their ass kicked.