Ukraine Russia War Front and Updates 🪖

I don’t have any military background. I’ll let the specialists speak.

Something is about to happen. US Embassy in Belarus is telling Americans to leave.

Time to go North. Touring India these past few weeks has been the experiences but prefer the Himalayans and the cold rivers than the humid heat and the Ganjui River.

Return North, it’s time soon! We are being warned.

Hmmm, I sure hope they got the geography right.

No so long ago, a White House spokesperson (Forgot her name) said the US would send a Navy fleet to the coast of Belarus.

Yeah, the Americans can wait for the arrival of the US fleet at the Belarussian port!

What ever it is, it can not be good. Something is about to happen. You don’t have that feeling?

What Tucker says in the beginning intro is rather a scary thought and might explain why the US embassy in Belarus is telling US citizens to leave the country.

What McGreggor says should have all of us concern.

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I like Tucker’s monologues.
But in this interview, his questions seem mediocre and lukewarm. Maybe because he agrees with the colonel 100%.

Nobody knows what will happen in Belarus, or rather what Russians plan on doing there.

It does seem like if things continue to get worse for Ukraine which it seems by all accounts it is, then US intervention like another Vietnam is likely, and yes that does make it considerably concerning!

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Update on the war fronts.
Tension between Ukraine, US and western Europe rising?

What are the betting ODDS that the US decides to send boots on the ground if Ukraine starts to look like its going to fall?

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Col McGreggor is completely right and is calling it out what everybody is seeing and knowing.

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Of course opinions within US are divided. But the neocon (Khazar) Joos will never give up, even if their ambition to keep control of their ancient homeland might risk a nuke war, the end of the world.

This is exactly what the Samson Option is.
They would rather see the end of the world than admit their defeat.

This is one thing that’s missing from all the great analyses by the Duran guys, Col MacGregor and ESPECIALLY Scott Ritter.

Is Victoria Nuland one of them?

What is that saying? Something about Tyrants wanting to burn everything down just so they can rule over the ashes? Sounds about right.

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“Samson Option” was coined by the great Jooish writer Seyour Hersh who recently pointed the finger at the Biden administration for blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines.

Hersh, Seymour (1991), The Samson Option: Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy, Random House.

I never read the whole article, but it basically describes the (unstated) Israeli mentality to destroy Christian Europe with Israeli nuclear missiles and kill all white people, if Israel is to go under, whether or not Europe was involved in Israel’s demise.

What has Europe got to do with Israel’s survival or death?
Nothing. It just so happens that Christian Europe is the traditional enemy of Pharisee Judaism.
Just like a dying demon cursing God’s creation and everything good.

It’s also like a rotten child’s mentality. If he is not allowed to have a toy, he begins to throw a tantrum, kicking and throwing it, until the beautiful toy is destroyed.

Yes, Victoria Nudelman is Jooish and married to Robert Kagan, another rich Neocon. I think her parents or grandparents hail from Ukraine.


It seems they eat at same trough and traverse the same landscapes. It is a secret club

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Either the Ukrainians are extremely stupid or they are being fed propaganda 24-7.

This is getting absurd.

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The poor man is in stress. Needs some understanding — despite lavish mansions he owns here and there. :melting_face:

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Mark Sleboda

Prigozhin dead?

Will he be able to live or will he face the same fate as the other discarded puppets?