UK/US now shitholes but why?

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Another thread driven off of a cliff by the usual suspects and their Jew Hating conspiracy crap.

From what I was reading it was my belief the public schools were compulsory for 9 years rather than 8. Is my info dated?

Depends on what Provence as compulsory periods differ between 8 and 9 years. I know in the Beijing Public school system is 8 years.

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, , , and if we don’t make fundamentalist Islam fear us soon - very soon - it’ll be too late.

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I know there are lots of separate threads etc etc etc but doing that weakens the real story IMO because they are mostly all related to the same issues and people respond/reply in much the same way. Seeing the various headlines as a collective better illustrates the extent of the problems. Isolating the events into separate threads which will gradually end up way down a reading order loses the impact. Of course just my opinion.

Collectively these headlines/stories/reports etc have a greater impact in showing why the UK/US (Could just substitute with the WEST but…) are becoming bigger shitholes by the day.

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This is what happens when primitives are allowed to roam areas populated by humans.

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Doing what exactly, StuFX??

FFS I haven’t heard of this one. I can’t keep up with them these days!

Yes I should edit the post to make the point clearer. What I meant was starting a new thread for every event/news story loses it’s effect as it slowly submerges to the bottom of a very long list and then eventually stops getting read. Adding the events as they happen to the same thread ie: why UK/US is shithole has a greater impact because the evidence is shown collectively rather than spread out across many threads.
Ultimately all these separate events show why the UK/US is becoming a shithole.

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That is my point. We lose track with a different thread for every headline. The truth is they are all related.

Yes, it was the combining of the UK and US which made it confusing.

Is that another thing you taught the Wahabis?

Its just another example of the ‘‘law of unintended consequences’’ LOL
One day you Hasbara trolls might get the message - but I doubt it

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Thanks Stu - my thoughts exactly

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Its not conspiracy - have you never heard of AIPAC???

That’s the problem. I tend to write related matters from a broader perspective and yet get yelled at as “derailment.”

In reality, these people really don’t care; they just want to shut up views that are not convenient for them.


Maybe - but Amerika didn’t win the war

Between this, potentially happening, and China’s deal for development of Iraq’s oil fields, reached in October of last year, Iraq, China launch ‘oil for reconstruction’ agreementone has to wonder; who, precisely, “won” Iraq, after all the blood and money spent by this country?!?!?

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