Streatham attacker had been released from jail

“A man shot dead by police after he attacked people in south London had been recently released from prison after serving time for terror offences.”

Question: Should a known terrorist be killed after he has killed/injured unsuspecting civilians, or before? Discuss?

The religion of peace at its best!

There is no rehabbing Jihadis. Some will eventually see how wrong they are on their own but not as a result of going to prison.

Today’s headlines:

Streatham attack: Terror sentence changes 'face legal battle’

“But ex-independent reviewer of terror legislation Lord Carlile said the plans “may be in breach of the law”. The emergency legislation follows two attacks by men convicted of terror offences in London in recent months.”

With obsessive liberals like him at the top of our Judiciary, we don’t stand a bloody chance against global Islam. Now there’s a cotton-pickin’ thought to conjure with . . . when they catch us the terrorists kill us in the most appalling ways imaginable, but when we catch them, we give them due process. :roll_eyes: FFS you really could make up this shit? I’ll bet they can’t believe how easy it’s going to be??

Footnote: it has come to light that this Streatham psychotic mad-dog bragged to another prison inmate his ‘ambition’ is to kill a member of the Establishment, so maybe he should start on this one - the law would soon change then, if a casualty were an elitist rather than just another pleb?

Post is similar…

Why do they even arrest these knuckle draggers, only to release them? I guess it’s having a good laugh & planning it’s next attack.