Uh-oh? No wonder they're panic-stricken over Brexit

“Germany’s factory slump continues as orders keep falling – business live”

When Germany sneezes, the rest of Europe catches a cold? I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again - we’re getting out just in time.

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Doesn’t look like the UK’s economy is much better…

I’m not even British and I can tell you that the BBC is completely on the side of remain. They don’t want to see Brexit happen and will skew the news reporting to achieve their end goals.

Funny, I thought you were Mr. non-partisan? Why would you post such partisan crap when you know it can’t be trusted?

I guess you are really trying to push a narrative, aren’t you?

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The world economy or rather economies are intentionally being depressed.

Japan hiked its consumption tax from 7% to 10%. And its results are obvious. Prices are going up left and right.

What’s more important is to figure out what the international banksters are scheming.

Wtf, are you denying that the economy has contracted the last two quarters in the UK??? :man_shrugging:

Maybe we shouldn’t have defended ourselves against Hitler invading either - WW2 was bad for the economy.

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“If the soldiers who stormed the beaches in Normandy in June 1944 could see England as it is today they wouldn’t have gone 40 yards up that beach.”

David Irving said that in 1996.
Today’s England is much worse.

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And you’re right. The BBC is on the side of the controlling elitists, establishment and political. It’s also the primary means of infantilizing the populace of the UK

There’s a world recession around the corner: it won’t be the first world recession, and it won’t be the last, they happen all the time, because national economies are always but always in flux. Fuck all to do with Brexit, although it will become the narrative of the traitors of course.

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Monte, as a trader, I can tell you that the markets have already factored in Brexit, over the last 3 years. So come exit day, nothing will change. What you see in GDP numbers are no more than adjustments. Do you know how easily they can be manipulated to support whatever narrative the establishment would like to push?

I can tell you though first hand that over on mainland Europe, they are certainly feeling the pinch. Fuel prices are up 40-50% in the last 3 years in France and likewise food prices. Why do you think they have the yellow vest protests? They are really struggling and it will get worse for them. Trump is about to tighten some screws too and I believe he and Boris have some sort of pact.

The UK is much better off with the Commonwealth countries than with the stupid EU.

If Scotland doesn’t like it, too bad.
Let them go separate ways, which they voted for anyway, but the vote counts got manipulated.

I wish we could all go our separate ways; we could lose the whinging Welsh and the mad Irish too.

The farming industry of the EU countries, plus other manufacturers - especially the car-makers - need our custom. and if the Eurocrats started a trade war with us, there would be a Europe-wide revolution.

Two or three weeks after we leave, everything will have returned to the status quo ante.

These are the kinds of things that lead to war…

Yeah, I didn’t mention Brexit in my post…:man_shrugging:

You didn’t mention any context at all, but as this thread is about Brexit I naturally thought you were linking the UK’s economy to it?

I’m disputing that either Germany’s or UK’s present economic downturns are directly related to something that hasn’t even happened yet. :man_shrugging:

Well downturns usually do precede recessions?

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Downturns and recessions are often psychological.
They can be created artificially. That’s what Moody rating is for.

However they are created, the point is that both the UK and Germany have experienced downturns the last two quarters, whether or not they are related, or what’s driving them, it’s what’s for dinner.