Two Americas - Have You Had Enough?

This is not something I ever envisioned myself espousing because it was always an idea which would be thrown out periodically by neo-Confederates to express their disgust with the coastal liberals.

This coastal liberal, however, has had enough of the retardation of social progress in this country because we have had to take into account the multi-generational ignorance of our brethren in the red states and its effects upon our society and I would posit that we no longer have sufficient ideological ties to bind us together as a nation which recognizes the founding documents as common basis for a government.

I don’t propose this lightly but I’m starting to believe that we are dealing with an ideology which is fundamentally at odds with the needs of the nation and will prevent us from addressing issues such as climate change which has ramifications for human life on Earth itself.

Geographically, the lines can be drawn easily which can allow for a North/South division along ideological lines and the free flow of citizens across the “borders” will be telling but I’m wondering whether this might be where the country is inevitably heading.

I know that I’ve had enough of this shit.


While perhaps desirable, would be pretty rough on those on the red side. Aside from Texas they’d not have the taxation to provide services for which they’ve become accustomed.

On the other hand, I’m becoming concerned that momentum is building for something akin to an uprising of sorts. Mob lawyer Michael Cohen even expressed his concerns over it a couple of times last Wednesday.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens when Trump gets voted out in 2020. Or, please no, he’s voted back in.

As for addressing climate change, well… that has no borders does it?

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Me too mofo. I’ll take my masters in engineering and leave you assholes behind. What will i be missing from you? Expertise on the whiteness of Martha Stewart? Knowledge on how to become HIV+ in one weekend? Tell me why I should care if you no longer contribute to the world I live in?


Meanwhile, we recently moved to San Bernardino County in South Viet California, from the Bay Area in the Communist North.

Still California, but far far from the Bay Area in terms of politics. I went from having Barbara Lee for my congressional representative, to some guy named Col. Paul Cook. And the guy who was second in the ‘jungle primary’ was to the right of Attila the Hun, and that was the choice.

There are pockets of blue, but the county is about as rightwing as you can get.

Orange County flipped all its seats to Democratic representation. It’s gonna be awhile before that happens here.

Not sure these folks are going to go along with your plan.

We are now out in the middle of nowhere and pretty sure no one is coming out to bother us. It is worrisome though to think that just over the hill, there are people who would cheerfully come after us with pitchforks torches.

And this is California.


Their contribution is dead babies , third world diseases , crime ,taxes ,massive debt for your grandchildren and their grandchildren , free ,free ,free , and the mass distribution of wealth . Robbing the working man to encourage the lazy turds .


Here is a timely post from our forum.


There are at least 2 Americas, and whatever’s keeping the hot war from breaking out is getting thinner. Watching Coulter on Maher a couple of weeks ago, that feeling rose once again: these people aren’t based in reality or basic cause and effect. Granted she’s a poser for money, but she’s got the arguments down pat. These people believe, deep down in whatever passes for souls, that some American Manifest Destiny Dream is possible, if only coastal elite liberals were exterminated. And I personally think that the GOP as a whole needs to be exterminated. I don’t see how this gets reconciled.

And @FiredUpDem is right, rural CA has its share of Okie hillbilly gun-totin’ crackers. Just like Kansas has enclaves of people with higher functioning brains too. And that’s what makes it difficult.

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Oh god the here we go we the climate change bullshit argument again! You are not going to address the the so called problems that you think is a problem until you actually know how to talk to people. Hell you liberals can’t even talk to yourselves, and dismissing red-states as neo-confederates or as ignorant just because you don’t agree with them is a non starter. As soon as you start putting people on the defensive you already lost the fight and the war. First start with facts, where most fail in detailing and formulating a cogent argument for anything they believe in. For example climate change!

Facts don’t support your argument, nor your cause, in fact it only exposes the lefts ignorance and the people who would support such causes.

You had enough of this shit? Try looking in the mirror first and be honest with yourself! We on the other side are tired of your bullshit of wanting everything for free and expecting the rest of us to pay for it. I didn’t force you to take out student loans, go in debt and then take up gender studies that failed to yield any jobs upon graduation. I know my fucking constitutional rights, and no where in it does it say that I have to be a willing participant in funding my own demise. That means refuting the nonsense of socialism, and all the other ideas that leftists have been trying to force down our throats for the past 8 years. Your don’t like it, Boohoo, suck it up and start focusing on yourself!

Liberals do NOT give hope! Liberals give defeat!!
“You can’t take care of yourself, the government has to do that for you!” is their mantra!”

We are born, we face hurdles, and we die! There are two types of people. The people who jump their hurdles. The people that cry in front of their hurdles. The people who jump their hurdles get stronger and those who cry in front of them remain weak.
Liberals want to use government to remove all the hurdles.
THAT is not hope!!!

Hope is, “You can do anything you set your mind to and you don’t need government to take care of you!”

Get real and stop your bitchy ass whining!
Other wise I have no problem when killing liberals becomes legal, because I am pretty sure if you are sick of things now imagine how things will be when it gets and can get worse! Please! Stop your crying!

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Notice that when we try to have a conversation, nothing but right wing hate comes out. It’s not possible to have an intelligent discussion with these people.

Only hate?
I was hoping you would have detected some of my ridicule too. No? I’ll work on my communication skills and do better next time.


Oh yeah it’s all hate! Oh please! You do much to discredit your argument right there! You are a feeble weak person! I run with wolves! That is who I am! I want to surround myself with as many self reliant and positive thinking people as much as possible, and funny I don’t know too many liberals who are always crying like you who fit that description! Try again, because being honest with oneself instead of trying to blame others is actually much harder to do!

It’s not the left that has divided this country. Please don’t be upset with us for not being a bunch of corporate bootlickers who consistently vote against their own interests in order to give the ultra-wealthy tax breaks for money that never ever trickles down to the trailer parks and gun shows.

Want to bet? The fact you already started by blaming something, says all I need to know where the basis of your thought comes from, and is a victimhood mentality! Maybe if you lefties didn’t try to illegitimatize a duly elected president we might be in a different place today, but yes, it was the left that has divided the country. You idiots rather see it destroyed then to work with people whom you disagree with, which is fine by me, because I am pretty sure my side is pretty adept at using guns then you idiots who are drinking your lattes and and arguing about genders are! You simply don’t want to hold yourselves accountable and that is the fundamental difference between me and you!

You can’t be serious, this thread was started by a liberal discussing civil war, or did you think the country would be divided without a shot being fired. That was quickly followed up by more liberals rubbing their hands together at the thought of killing off conservatives. And you accuse us of hate? That’s rich.


What part of other people’s money doesn’t belong to you are you having trouble with?


First of all, you are on a political forum which means you pay more attention to politics than the average bear. So, of course you are going to see ideology on both sides.

However, the average person (I believe) is much more moderate. Maybe they pay attention to a few political things and vote, but they don’t let it consume them to the point they think there needs to be a split in the country. You side and my side kind of thinking.

From my perspective, with the election of Obama I watched the fringe come out on the left. With the election of Trump, the left fringe went way overboard.

In just a short period of time we’ve had Obama care rammed down our throats, gay marriage, transgender’s allowed in bathrooms, bullying of a Christian baker, killing of a living newborn after a failed abortion attempt, the coining of “white privilege”, more vocal open border advocated and illegals in this country acting like they own the place and the list goes on and on.

The leftists were an embarrassment to the country during the Kavanaugh hearin gs. So disruptive and crass that BK’s children had to be removed, dressing up in handmaiden outfits, crying and scratching at the doors of the Supreme Court.

You now have the “green deal” which is ludacris, yet democrats are signing on to support it.

The left has moved far left and rapidly. The right has stayed the course. We haven’t proposed any radical moves further to the right. And, because we have become vocal about our dislike of where the left want to take the country we are called racists, white privileged and so on.

The “needs of the Nation” are not up to you or me to decide. It is up to the voters and if it is in conflict with the Constitution, “you” or “I” lose as we should.

I read a saying once that stuck with me. To paraphrase: “Wars are not fought over change but to keep things the same”.


Here is more proof of an entire country that went extreme left! Think about what the economy was when the idiot Obama and his cronies were in office. Canada’s latest fourth quarter 0.1% GDP is not progress, it shear insanity, and that means their economy has basically come to a halt! Leftists want to continue their arguments with entitlements but fail to consider the ramifications of burdening the country with costs that we can’t pay for, and Canada is a primary example why we shouldn’t listen to leftists idiots!

What I would not give to live in a country where Democrat controlled rat unfested urban areas did not exist… where illegal alien rapist, murderers, and thieves could be arrested and instantly exiled to some hellhole island far from our land! Oh please… take your perverted men who want to pee with little girls, and your killers of unborn and newborn children and go…get the hell out of my sight.


Waiting on your response, @GGG .
What do you offer? What will you deprive us of when you separate yourself from those of us on the right? What skills? What education? What achievements?

Los Angeles. Democrat and liberal controlled. A literal shit hole, spreading typhus on par with the worst of shithole third world countries.

A shining and very real example of what you too can aspire to live like if you just agree to drink the kool aid.