Trump to make huge announcement 11/15/22 thread: WAR

Trump to possibly make it official. He will run once again for president of the United States of America.
This will for sure cause an earthquake of emotion across this country.
Time to separate the boys from the girls once again. Ron do the right thing show support for trump and gthotw
@Smiley321 you going to cry tomorrow?

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Good luck. America, for the most part, has had enough of Trump. I know you will call me names and chastise me, but… you know it’s true. I have said many times I WILL vote for him, but… I just don’t see the country getting behind him this time around.

You post ypour laughing emoji, but, deep down, you know I’m right.

Thanks for the confirmation.

Who’s ready for Democrats short term excitement to end early tonight!
Absolutely stunning

It’s official ! Trump is your republican nominee for 2024

Of course he has a chance

Yes! We can focus on making Israel great again! Go Zion Don!

Are you saying AMERICANS that fought in World War I and World War II weren’t nationalists?


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Now we sit and wait, who will run against trump?

@Roamingwyoming i asked you a question boy

Good question. I doubt anyone wants to deal with opposing him…lol. The one guy I would really like to see run for POTUS is Ted Kennedy. He won’t, but I’d like to see it.

Lol he’s dead …………….

Not him…lol. I meant John Kennedy… the living one from Loisiana. :joy:

What’s the difference between him
And trump?

For one, he’s a gentleman. He’s level headed and pragmatic… he doesn’t piss everyone off as soon as he opens his mouth. He’s respectful of others when talking to them. He’s like Trump in that he gets right to it… no bullshit. He doesn’t beat around the bush, but he’s a lot more tactful than Trump.

I know you are a Trump fan. I liked him when he was POTUS for the same reasons… no bullshit, tell it like it is, get shit done. Uncover the slime in DC.

It takes more than Trump’s bullheaded, damn the torpedos philosophy to be a successful politician, and work with other people to come to agreements. Trump is incapable of any of that. I know you disagree, and that’s fine. I will vote for Trump if he is the guy come 2024.

How is trump not a gentleman? How’s John’s stamina?

I won’t argue with you the way some of the others will. You asked… I answered. You don’t have to like the answer… and I don’t have to care if you don’t like it.

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