This will not end well


We know he had WMD’s, we found them and had the footage of them being moved to Syria prior to the invasion.

Why bother, it’s the same crap either way.


It’s way more difficult and thought provoking (personally) to actually have to formulate a post than to link some trash that one had read.


Of course it is, but for some the end result is always the same GIGO.


I haven’t watched any of the videos, but get the impression they would make Alex Jones and Infowars look sane by comparison.


Nuts fer nuts. …


As you probably deduced they were ALL conspiracy theories until they weren’t - when they became true.


Now whos Lying…


He used them pretty frequently against Iran and occasionally against the Kurds both of which are documented conclusively.

Your ignorance is utterly amazing.


I thought you might find that stuff. The reason US knew Saddam had chemical weapons was bc they sold them to him in his fight with Iran.
I know its difficult for someone as myopic and bigotted as you to get your head out of the tabloid JSM but you reaally should try some critical thinking sometime - google is heavily censored btw try duck duck go maybe

And since the WMD that were found after the invasion were mainly abandoned weaponry that were dumped


You’re just making an even bigger fool of yourself than usual.

Please, keep on.


You probably have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Don’t ever presume to know what I think or believe.


Probably? :rofl:

Shirley you jest.




Well, I guess in that sense, that does make you the wisest man alive … if you can consider a 17 yr-old a man. At least you have the know nothing part down pat. :wink:


I would say the same to you Samantha but I don’t thingk it applies to females.


So, all that hype about christmas sales was, well, HYPE?! More signs of global slowdown


The emerging signs of a credit shock that will engulf public finances are everywhere.


Yawn… .

As for the EU they’ve been in trouble for a decade.


I don’t expect you to read anything I post but I think everyone should and must read everything that they post themselves.
And you obviously didn’t read the article that you posted bc it is dated Dec 2015 ROFLMFAO.
The date today is - 11th January 2019 Just in case you are confused abt what day it is - it is Friday today.