This will not end well


I would love that. To date that hasn’t happened once.



I’m not so sure. His posts are Sophomoric. And he could be a sophomore at 17 … if he flunked a couple of grades. :wink:


Apple is crashing because they are losing business in China.

Good gawd man, learn something for a change and quit posting such idiocy.


I’ve finally figured it out. Magog is Mobi’s ignorant twin.


I have been thinking “Mobi’s verbose twin”…

That is almost creepy.


Mobi’s the success in the family.


@TWR @PhysicsHunter @Samm
Wow I have really got quite a following now haven’t I? I’m flattered.



There’s nothing good to say about someone who denies all facts, lies constantly, and is a Jew Hating Racist Conspiracy Nut.

You have done the impossible though, you’ve made Mobi look sane, rational, reasonable, and intelligent in comparison.



The key word there is “usually.” This case is the exception. :wink:



I suspect nothing more than attention seeking. Read the audience, post something controversial and suck up the attention given. No responses and it will dry up and blow away in a puff of wind.



I can hardly wait for 2020 so we can see how full of shit that guy is. :wink:

You realize you are referencing the opinion of someone who claims that he lived with a tribe of Cannibals in the Amazon when he was 17.


Come to think of it, that’s the same age as you are. Are you posting from somewhere deep in the Amazon? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do you still believe that Saddam had WMD’s. and the JFK magic bullet - how abt the gulf of Tonkin or Lusitania


What do you mean “still believe”?

What I believe is what the facts show. And you have not shown facts. All you have is conspiracy theories.

But not to worry. Your reputation as the Forum conspiracy nut is secure.


Zippy needs to actually write his own posts rather than randomly linking internet bottomfeeder crap.


That happens when the supply catches up with demand. There was a shortage, that shortage has been pretty well eliminated.


Great, you produce yet another nut to carry your water.

This is the same guy who once claimed that many years ago he rebelled against his parents and went to live with cannibals in The Amazon.