This will not end well


If in 3 years from now people say “nobody could have seen this coming”, I’m going to call bullshit.


How was the market doing from 2008 - 2015 ??? :exploding_head:


Not to worry the taxes will be rolling in from all those immigrunts, that should help out. What ? They don’t pay taxes but instead receive state handouts. What a situation hey ! :grin:


The only taxes they pay are sales taxes when they buy stuff with our money…so we’re really paying those taxes for them.


You’re a real gem.


Actually most of them working in the US do so with forged documents so they pay all of the same taxes the rest of us do.

One of the big reasons so many in DC really don’t want to do anything about the illegals is the fact they are propping up Social Security, Medicare, and pumping a lot of money into the general fund as well since most are afraid to file a return.

Those subsisting solely on cash you’d be correct about, all the taxes they are paying are sales taxes, local taxes, and gasoline taxes.


So, a slight of hand trick? On one hand they prop up Social Security and Medicare. On the other hand they drain our legal, medical and educational systems dry?


We keep finding ways to prop up SS/MC but without them both would collapse pretty quickly.

The drain on our social services and welfare system however is easy to hide and of course easy to dismiss with emotional appeals.




I am obligated to like this post.


I think you are missing the unifying investment vehicle that will spread devastation throughout the systems. Is there an equivalent to mortgage backed securities today?


And that was your take-away from all I said to you? Well Thank you for illustrating my point but DAMN you’re a hard-headed kid. You seem fully capable of parroting but also totally incapable of learning. That’s on you youngblood. Enjoy mediocrity.


Being deliberately ignorant is bad enough, but damn, he is proud of it too!


Nope - Sammantha and her Hasbara friends will keep it going for a long time.


this is good advice for everyone really.


Thanks Barbara


Makes one want to promote a good old fashioned RAT KILLIN’…

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Please provide proof that anyone you have accused of being Hasbara funded or Hasbara friends is indeed so. Come on Magog, prove your case. Here is your opportunity to prove that you are more than a “gob shite” (Gaelic term)


I wonder if Swedes just lost their balls. It’s like they are willingly offering their wives for those animals. Also it’s funny how a Swedish game developer defends Soros diversity agenda. Is he really that ignorant? Does he really want to raise his daughter in a country full of rapists?