This will not end well




I used to buy into some of this nonsense. Then I researched a lot. People have been predicting the collapse of the system since the late 1800’s. It’s kind of like the global warming nonsense. They take bits of data and claim the end is near. I remember my grandparents telling me how they were glad they were almost done with their lives because life for me was going to be horrible because the system was going to collapse. Well, here we are, 30 years later and we certainly have more national debt but I’m not seeing the carnage they predicted. Maybe eventually one of these idiots will be right but just not buying it right now. Will there be a correction? Of course, I thought it would happen a few years ago because people get nervous when there’s been a long period of growth without a correction… is it going to be nation ending? Of course not.


Don’t think anyone is predicting that but if Israel gets its way who knows.
Nation changing - possibly
Recession - probably
Depression - possibly
Dollar collapse - unlikely
Dollar devaluation - possibly

In other words anything is possible but no-one knows - whatever happens it won’t hurt to have insurance.


And some of them made a pretty good living doing so. There is a lot of money to be made by predicting economic doom. :wink:


At least he’s consistent.


Thats what my Hasbara followers like the most - my consistent truth telling


You wouldn’t recognize the truth if it were a brick wall you slammed into at a 100 miles an hour.

You have nothing to offer on any subject other than lies, half truths, and hate.


My posts are ALWAYS supported with links to reliable and varied sources so its not me you are calling liar, it is ppl like Paul Craig Roberts who worked for Reagan or Dave Janda a doctor.
Are they lying - I guess its possible but unlikely


You have never provided a “reliable source” for any of your BS, just more Conspiracy Nuts, Nazis and Jew Haters.


Is everyone who disagrees with you a nazi or are you just paranoid?


Only those who share and promote the same views. Everyone should excel at something, that is your forte.


Magog: go ride a bike, kiss a girl, play with a dog. You’re 17 and will NEVER find answers worth a damn wallowing in the interwebs. You are young and in that part of your life that you are suppose to be EXPERIENCING not reading about it. Basically you need to get out there and grow some more hair on your balls before anyone is going to put down their coffee and really listen to anything you have to say.

That’s the hardest thing to impress on intelligent young people. What you say can be interesting but at 17 one has very little to offer by way of education or experience to people over 50; you still have placenta on you.


You need to experience life so can put what you read into context.

I’ve noticed that’s big problem today…damn computers/internet. :wink:


I don’t understand how someone can live as long as you have and still be totally clueless so I’ll keep posting and hopefully enlighten you some.


Maybe I lack eperience so whats your excuse? - sub 80 IQ perhaps



I don’t think he is 17. He made a comment that he also lives in his mom’s basement.

He is pulling your chain so to speak (or so I suspect) :wink:


So already hikes are off the table


Yep everything is wonderful


Yes…but yet I know and experienced far more then you ever will at the rate you’re going.

Wait until realization sets in that you can live ten lifetimes and still not know one/tenth of what is to know.

Maybe…just maybe you will be humbled by that thought.