This is the greatest troll that’s ever happened on live TV and Fox News is condemning Michael Knowles for it

Michael Knowles knows exactly how to trigger the left as demonstrated in this short clip and this is fun to watch! Mr. Knowles is not saying anything that was untrue, so for this asshat leftist to be outraged by calling Greta Thurnberg mentally ill only goes to show how fake and weak the left’s arguments are when it comes to the entire Climate change bullshit narrative as this is a classic example as to why they are losing the narrative everyday. The left are devoid of having honest debates when emotions rule their rhetoric instead of citing science and facts then this is what you get! Mr. Knowles hit the nerve dead on target!

Just for reference:

Want further proof how dumb the left is? They are willing to follow a sixteen year old’s crusade that is not rooted in scientific facts but pure emotions! BTW she looks like a mini Nazi who forgot to take her meds! Just read the thread to know how intellectually bankrupt the left is!

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The leftist are using the same tactics the(Taliban?) used when they hid their weapons below hospitals and schools.

Hiding behind a 16 year old is reprehensible.

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I saw this and you are right.

The dear child should be an actress…leave the meteorology to the professionals.

We will all enjoy a hearty laugh replaying this on the 20 year anniversary.


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Who is that bald headed pearl clutcher? His phony outrage was as laughable as it was pathetic. Greta is a downy and everyone knows this.

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He is some left wing paid shill they trot out to give the appearance of debate, which means they just scream at each other and you can’t hear what either person is saying.

Greta is mentally ill. The first guy was right about that.

But if the leftist media were to say the same thing about a teenager the same age who was conservative and was advocating a strong position on a mainstream or conservative issues they’d get a pass. That world ‘leaders’ like Macron are fawning over this teenager is a joke.

Chris Hahn is one POS liberal Fox News contributor, good grief I usually fast forward this lying sack of dung but I did see this piece of his disgusting work.

I did not know that Greta’s own mother wrote a book about the multiple mental disorders her daughter has making it even more disturbing that her parents would put her out there on the global stage as it can’t be good for her mental health and I find it to be child abuse myself.

What do you want to bet that Michael Is the one who will be suspended because he had the audacity to tell the truth about this mentally ill child being exploited by her own parents and the church of Global Warming!

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Chris Hahn is a former aid to Chuckie upchuck schummer! That should tell you all you need to know about this loud mouth d-bag! The best part about Knowles is he didn’t apologise and pretty much made Hahn look like a child when he didn’t respond to the name calling that Hahn resorted to because facts didn’t matter! The reality is people like Hahn and when arguments are about their feelings diminishes their narratives in the most basic way that even to a layman will look like a loser! Knowles played this perfectly!

The thing about Michael Knowles is that he would be unfazed by any attempt by the media to silence him! This guy is as smart as they come when citing facts and destroying leftists narratives and no doubt would hit back if that were to happen. The guy has a pretty big following and imagine what the fallout would be if they tried some underhanded attempt to discredit him? The left are terrified of this guy and he would eat them for lunch!

Here is great example of exposing a liberal professor who embarrassed herself!

This is so weak and stupid.

Just stop apologizing period. They don’t care if you’re “sorry”, they just know that they can drop you to your knees if they apply enough pressure

How come the Covington kids were fair game and it was okay to threaten to shoot up their school but you can’t call this Commie bitch out for actively making speeches in favor of a Stalin style police state?

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What a sick display but at least the reaction to Greta Thunberg has put the authoritarian mind of the Right on display in a stark manner. It’s abusive, indignant, insolent, paranoid, lurid, and insanely vulnerable. Pathetic.

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Again overdosing on your stupid pills?

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That is great point and example whenever there is an opportunity to show the hypocrisy of the leftist idiots!

I don’t care if you believe in climate change or not, or whether she’s being manipulated by whatever forces you conspiracy freaks believe in. My point is she is a child and you are adults. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves and of comments like this.

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A child that is being exploited by you sick perverted leftists! Remember threatening to go after Baron? This is fair game due to the fact her parents are the ones behind this nonsense! Get a clue!

There is no exploitation. She’s committed to a cause greater than herself. Something selfish capitalist climate destroying pigs will never understand. You know what Greta understands?

Greta understands that individual actions such as refusing to fly/eat meat, while inspiring, have no real effect on climate change. It’s the governments that need to force change with ruthless policies and laws to prevent the literal extinction of humanity.

You can thank her later for literally saving your ungrateful ass.

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Hey look everyone

It’s monty in drag!

Your argument has no basis in facts whatsoever! Just like Knowles points out this child’s belief does nothing for science which makes your argument not only stupid but based on pure emotion! It’s people like you that the world needs saving from! Can your grand standing perpetuated by your pathological altruism be any more obvious?

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Quit your pouting. Your just mad because you know she’s right. She’ll be a Nobel Prize winner at 16 while you are still shaking your fist that climate change isn’t real. This is why we need people like Greta. One of her has to carry a thousand of you.

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Lol wow we need to bring back the test to vote. Scary