California Professor is Triggered by Free Speech!

This is gold! For the first time in a long time I now see evidence where a lecturer is schooling a professor at a major university on what free speech means. It even gets better as the lecturer basically tells the teacher that anybody who conflates free speech with violence shouldn’t be allowed to teach the next generation of students. We need more of this in order to change the culture on college campuses to allow free speech to flourish!


He’s absolutely correct. How are these people even getting jobs within a public university system? It would be great if taxpayers got to vote on the curriculum offered by the schools that they fund so that way lunatic liberal professors like this would only be concentrated in far left-wing areas.


I was interested in watching based upon your summary. Thank you for that.

He pretty much made a fool out of the professor. She could only recite talking points while dismissing facts and statistics. A myopic view based on her “students” rather than an objective view taking into consideration the country as a whole.

Worse, the premise that “speech is violence” goes against the very nature of Freedom of Speech. The lecturer did a great job of pointing out to her that she hasn’t a clue.

I also liked how he tore apart her concepts supporting the victim mentality.

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The administration is as liberal/progressive as the people they hire.

This is a good idea. The only challenge to it being low voter turnout but maybe it is something that could increase turnout. If parents got to vote on the education provided to their children from pre-K all the way up through college I think that would motivate a lot of people.

I agree! These liberal idiots need to be rooted out of our educational system. The woman in the video is not even a US citizen and she has the nerve to tell us what freedom of speech is?

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She’s also so stupid to believe that speech is violence

Pathological Altruism on display with this woman and the premise of her arguments!

As is so often the case- comedians are the wise hiding in plain sight.

When comedy is the place to get the news the news is a joke.

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