The UN Migration Pact



Ok you can be a Rabbit in Elephant clothes if you like.

Most of our migrunts are fighting age single men that go to school with young girls :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Any leadership that would do this to their own citizens should be hung in the public square until dead by those citizens and their lifeless bodies thrown in sewage pits to rot.

Creeping Globalism vs. Free Speech

The EU has already want this


And those girls are indeed the rabbits of your future population… raised and cared for by … overly an benevolent society tipping towards a complete socialist state…


This is exactly what the Socialists need, citizens dependant on the state


Good work everyone who was able to sign this petition, thank you


Yes but I don’t want to look to that future, I want to remove all rabbit humpers now ! Remove a highly undesirable part of that event now. We can do and if we get shafted on Brexit I think there will be a few goat herders needing to run for cover.


The U.N. is demanding migrants get the same rights as natives, immediately, including voting rights and welfare.


When you read and contemplate things like this, Agenda 21 was just a method to soften otherwise resolute and proud nations. Their is no pretense any more and I really wonder who, if anyone, can cut this malignant UN off at the knees… I do hope that the petition that you guys have been signing will have a positive influence on your government but a lot of Brits have bought the multicultural drone and seem oblivious to the disaster that is Sweden…


I certainly hope so. Part of reason behind Brexit was control of our own borders, but now Mrs May want’s to sign up to this UN Socialist immigration disaster


The new revelations that her ‘agreement’ would severe Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK will certainly do her no favors and when people talk about that bit of slyness in conjunction with her support for this tripe will bring more awareness to the many ways globalists are attacking the sovereignty that Brexit was suppose to deliver.


Europeans crack me up. Not much I can do from across the pond but to cheer you all on…and keep fighting a good fight.



Hurray for Italy! Bene! :+1:


Leftists are very free with other people’s money.


Hey… I haven’t seen a lot of fight in the US for the devolved powers that was suppose to be states rights and a whole lot of pressure from all of the left and the RINO right to consolidate power in Washingtion… and beyond and another segment of the right who have little more respect for the constitutional rights of the individual than any lefty ever could…


I recall you revealing that you have a British wife, so you could have participated in signing the petition. It is academic now because the threshold was achieved.

There is a recent fiasco dubbed “the Windrush affair” (or similar) that describes the temporary loss of rights of some people who have lived here for 50 years but who came from eg Jamaica. The whole scenario depicts the British government’s attempt to address the shortage of manpower after WW2 by importing colonial people to the UK. Obviously the majority if not all of those people were non-white, and therein lies the predisposition of British people to accept a multi-racial population as normal. It has been a bumpy ride.

TBH most of the immigrants were Christian, except for some Seikhs and Hindus but they all seemed to eventually co-exist in harmony.

Then came the rise of some despots around the world. I’m sure there have always been despots but the improving communications infrastructure made it easier to publish evidence of their existence and behaviour. Idi Amin rose to power in Uganda and began his despicable rule, expelling all non-indigenous peoples. In the case of the UK a large number of Ugandan Asians came to the UK and were settled in places such as Leicester. That may have been the start of the Islamic problem in the UK, I am uncertain.

Definitely not all immigrants are bad. I was heartened to see at one of the recent London episodes of pedestrian carnage that a Seikh was in there helping, and complaining about the unwanted effects of Islamic radicals.

Sweden… they need to become a bit more French.


…so much so that they consider parceling it out as their charitable contribution to society while holding onto their own riches with a tight fist.



Oh we’re fighting…it’s why the battle for senate is so important. Control the senate, influence the courts.

The real shame is we should have 55/56 senators instead of 53.

And before you go on with 17th Amendment I’m aware of situation.

But Europe IMO should have known better. They should have establish/insist a form of nations rights before joining EU.


Well… as you can see on this forum… their is a segment of the British and European populations who are… involved… but don’t be to sure that just because people are passing ‘conservative judges’ that the outcomes they expect are the same as yours. Regardless of my moral compass… I still laugh at the people on the right that still insist that states have the right to create sodomy laws in our representative republic… and they will push a case to the supreme court hoping for the Conservative judge that will back them.