The UN Migration Pact



Well you have religious right pushing for that…but they don’t have the influence they once have.

But OP isn’t talking about sodomy laws here. He’s talking about migration. Individual nations that make up EU should have protected their culture, heritage and traditions from homogenization that elites are pushing. The fact that European head masters though that they could get away with it without a pushback is telling. They under estimated the power of culture, heritage and traditions have and how it influence society.


This is why I despise the U.N.
They are so hypocritical, a bunch of maladjusted power hungry global elitists

They want the freer advanced European nations including Great Britain which will soon will be called Allah Britain to accept economic migrants , refugees and anyone else who doesn’t want to assimilate to enter their society.

Meanwhile they wont pressure any of the rich countries in the Middle east, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia which can more than handle any economic migrants but refuses to do so.

Why isn’t the U.N going after China and Japan, in China foreigners cannot become Chinese Citizens, even if you marry a chinese citizen, there is no pathway to citizenship in China, and getting a citizenship in Japan is near impossible.

So why isn’t the U.N. going after China and Japan for their “immigration policies”

Can you say Hypocrites?

I hope the people of the once Great Britain, revolts and starts a Civil war to take back their country and society.

The city of London is a cesspool, Birmingham , ha, Im just waiting for them to replace God save the queen anthem to Allah save the infidel.

At least southern England still has the British flavor and culture, I havent been to Manchester in a while so I dont know what is going on there.


Actually the City, the square mile, is the financial hub and is untouched by the Islamification effects you speak of. Most of the affected areas are along the A1 corridor from London up and of course Greater London especially East London. If you go east or west of that corridor generally, it is still olde England. Cornwall has almost zero Muslims.


This too shall pass. The goal of Islam is to rule the earth.






get ready


Not unless there is a mosque then it will be like flies to shit.


The left suddenly because state’s rights advocates when they came up with sanctuary states and cities and in promoting legalized pot.

It was an amazing transformation. Hypocritical as hell as well for sure.


Mostly what it is today is a bunch of third and second world countries blaming the first world for all of their problems and a bunch of liberals at the top handing them our money hand over fist to keep them pacified and to assuage their own collective sense of guilt.


for now that might be the case, I cant remember how many residential spots are near the O2?


O2 is on the Greenwich Peninsula. Ok around there, that used to be quite industrial but in the last 15 years or so there has been a lot of development - easy access into Canary Wharf. It’s cheaper and nicer than Greenwich but only a hop across the river.


All bloodborne diseases spread from the arteries to the vanes to the capillaries… its only a matter of time unless you get rid of the diseases… even white blood cells have their limits in defense…


At our old abode, I said that we should blow up all mosques and got a severe telling off and warning that I had overstepped the mark. I think it is a start. That and all Islamic schools to be banned.


Liberal governance has lost that battle by preventing private individuals and business owners from choosing who and how they associate with other members of society otherwise you could starve the beast (if their were enough truly conservative owned businesses left that weren’t overrun by diversity)


I think many of the people have been vocal in those areas you mention but without the support of government.
The dilemma has been if you choose to speak out as an individual, you have to be prepared to do time or at the very least pay fines. So for a guy with a mortgage, wife, couple of kids, it easy to see how his silence has been bought. Having people enslaved with debt has been one of the elites most powerful weapon. Granted there are the idiots who have debt for lots of shit they don’t need but I’m referring to a regular guy trying to keep his head above water for the sake of his family.


An interesting 45 minutes if you have the time… Deals with Trumps approach to China and the Wests awaking to the immigration problem… For Europeans and the UK in specific Anne Marie Waters adds her perspective to the immigration problem.


More UN Chicanery


Belgian Government Collapses Over UN Migration Pact


I don’t know that this doesn’t strengthen the hand of the left… It would seem that the break from this coalition only pushes the PM into the arms of those that not only support this abomination… they demand it. It certainly shows the very deep rifts that exists in otherwise ‘EU’ centric countries… Is this, along with the yellow vest movement the beginning of the end… or will it just force the globalist to employ even heavier tactics. I saw on another thread ref: Macron that he appears to be hiring his own mercenary force as he can no longer trust his own police…