The UN Migration Pact



UN Migration Pact.

FOR United Kingdom Canada Norway Sweden Germany (almost certainly) Slovenia

UNDECIDED Belgium Netherlands Estonia New Zealand

AGAINST United States Italy Poland Australia Austria Israel Hungary Bulgaria Czech Republic Switzerland Slovakia Croatia


You should add a link to a document which describes what the UN Migration Pact is.


You are right Ex. Now done


It is the bit about migration being a ‘human right’ that concerns me. Whilst that is undoubtedly reasonable it implies that other countries have to accept migrants, and that where I disagree.


It would destroy the concept of sovereign countries


Whoever signs the UN Migration Pact presents a serious risk to his own citizens – Hungarian PM


Before 1965, Europe (and for the most part the US) had a beautiful, nice and safe homogenous society for our families and people to enjoy. These policies ruined everything for us and resulted in: Mass third world immigration, multiculturalism and diversity, lack of purpose, abortion, LGBT degeneracy, feminism, divorce, communism, and pornography.



This may be helpful


Yes and if they have us clashing with the invaders they are free to do with the world as they wish.


I like Viktor Orban. He seems to hold is country and citizens’ environment as a fundamental cause.


The Pertinent Points.


All of the Visegrad 4 plus Austria are against this deluded agreement. But we need to get behind the petition to stop Treason May signing up to it. How can she on the one hand say that we want to control our borders and then sign up to this? The woman is clueless


That is what the New World Order Oligarchy wants…a world full of disarmed tax payers.


All part of the globalists plans.


Soros and co have their fingers in this pie, you can smell them from here


Until clause 15 it was looking quite good!


And as we know basic services isn’t just a stand pipe and a blanket !!


I have signed the petition

Actually, I think they don’t care whether they pay tax or not.


If they are forced to work for peanuts while the oligarchy enjoys the riches therefrom, they are paying being taxed.