The UN Migration Pact



I know what you mean but that implies we could be the shit :joy:


Do we really need them though Lou ? We have enough of our own who are able to do the low end jobs. That’s assuming you are referring to the recent invaders.


It certainly is looking that way!


UN Migration pact means more of this as well. Before you ask, yes one of the suspect is called Ali

Father-of-four, 42, who had both his ears cut off 'may have been protecting his teenage son from bullies


Our welfare system should be geared to those that cannot provide for themselves. Instead we have a welfare system managed from 80K feet with the Federal Government setting standards for welfare benefits. How can a person in LA, California be compared to a person in Minot, ND?

2 totally different worlds.

Until we manage benefits from a local level the incentive to sit home and watch TV will always b there as the less skilled can do as well collecting benefits as working.


Ok I see you are talking from US perspective. I can’t comment on that as don’t know the mechanics of it. I was referring to UK situation of handing over the keys to the safe to immigrunts, we take care of their every need the moment they arrive at the detriment to our own fully paid up members of the club. It’s so wrong. Also yes there is an issue when it doesn’t pay to get off the couch because the state handout makes it borderline. We have to do more to hold the people sitting on the couch more accountable but again that is another story.


I found it absolutely amazing when I first came here to hear stories of girls of 16 getting pissed off at their parents… as many teens and finding that if she were to get pregnant, support, housing and furniture would be provided. If their ever was a clearer inducement for a girl to get pregnant… that would be it.


Yes it is wild and the other issue I have is you have to go through a test to be declared proficient enough to ride your momo bike but kids having kids no licence required.

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I watched a Question Time on the subject of welfare and their were more than a few women in the audience who insisted the the state should provide support for them… as they were raising the next generation of leaders… :roll_eyes:


I took a chunk out of the backside so no one would see… Thanks…


What? leaders in the art of begging ?


I don’t have any issue with supporting a single woman or a couple for that matter who are trapped by genuine circumstances. I like to think I’m a capitalist with a social conscience. That can leave me open to abuse but it’s so hard to come up with a system to catch all.


We are much the same as you.

Refugees are cared for from the moment they are accepted in the US. They are cared for and provided for as our homeless, some veterans get little assistance. Once in the U.S ., there’s the Department of Health and Human Services who help refugees ease their way into American life. And like everything, vetting and then easing refugees into America costs money. So let’s do some math: Based on State Department numbers in 2016, they budgeted $656 million on refugee admission.
The Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA) program is a new federal fund that offers up to 8 months of cash assistance to refugees who come to the United States with assets totaling under $1,000, and who fail to qualify for TANF or SSI.

The estimated costs for our illegal population 11 million is 135 billion a year. Th 11 million has recently been proven low and the new estimate is 22 million or 270 billion a year. No one knows how many illegals are in the US with estimates up to 40 million.


However … these days the Local Authorities do not have the housing to dole out, so the result is inflicted on the girl’s parents.


When you have programs on television with titiles like ‘Welfare Mom’s and Proud’… ‘Benefits Street’ that create poverty porn stars… something is not right…


…mmmm, my favourite part!


I totally agree but right now there is a bigger fight that takes the prime slot. We have always had malingerers and bums which can be tackled but I object even more to outside bums coming in and taking the piss.

Scott, again see how easy it is that we drift from UN migration pact to poverty porn stars, rather like the RH. I think you have Rabbit potential :joy:




Drift yes… derail no… a lot of those single moms are migrants…