The UN Migration Pact



Would you mind telling that to our esteemed congress who think the more the merrier???


Your socialist Democrats seem intent on making the USA more third World than anywhere else - cute

You cannot educate pork


Signed. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Jen, the numbers have increased considerably today, but we have not reached the 100K yet. pass the survey link on to whoever you think might sign it


It’s getting worse and worse. They don’t even try to pull the wool over our eyes anymore. It’s blatant. We can fight all we can, but need one foot in the exit door.


One issue we face is Social Security.

We have an aging population, more people collecting less people contributing.

We have a labor participation rate of 62.4%. Almost 38% of our working age population sitting home watching TV.

Instead of addressing our issue of people not working the politicians chose to go with adding population, via immigration to boost SS taxes collected.

What they fail to realize is the people thy are adding cost more than they contribute.
What they fail to realize is the soon to become critical mass or 22 trillion in debt.

But our politicians always address the problem top down instead of the root cause.
Healthcare is a perfect example. One size fits all. Throw in some freebies to get impact (not really free, just delayed payments). Throw in Free for some. Throw in some subsidies and tax everyone.
Ignore the real reasons why healthcare is expensive, i.e. a fat population with poor life style choices. Throw in legalizing drugs.

What could possibly go wrong.


Whoops, it told me I tried to sign it twice :laughing: Nearly 84k now.


…….84,556 and counting


I would if I could… but I can’t… so… unfortunately the needle stays at 84,556…:cry: At least Trump is on the right page…


85,671 and counting…


85,863 and counting, keep the pressure on the cow


That is a Fibonacci relationship. I wonder if that means you cannot change it ?




Kind of reminds me of ants and a piece of meat…


I was thinking more of flies round shit.


…more like mold on good bread to me.


Much like a virus. They infect the host and feed on it until it dies.


If you cut welfare benefits for those that truly are not in need, think the people not working may go out and find a job??


The ones who have native ability will always find a way forward.

Sorry, my earlier post should have employed a bit more tongue-in-cheek.
I picked up on the 38% as being fundamental to the Fibonacci sequence.
Guess I’m just weird in that way…


Given the opportunity immigrants will turn wherever they went to into wherever they came from in 2-3 generations.

Be wary.

I have no problem with legal, controlled immigration, it’s how we built the US but, when you lose control of it, the nation will long exist as anything you will recognize.