The UN Migration Pact

Signatory states commit to:

“Launch and publicize a centralized and publicly accessible national website to make information available on regular migration options, such as on country-specific immigration laws and policies, visa requirements, application formalities, fees and conversion criteria, employment permit requirements, professional qualification requirements, credential assessment and equivalences, training and study opportunities, and living costs and conditions, in order to inform the decisions of migrants.”

States, in other words, are not only supposed to open their borders for the migrants of the world, but should also help them pick and choose their future country by providing them with comprehensive information about each country they may wish to settle in.

The service level envisioned to facilitate more migration is also high. Countries are called upon to:

“Establish open and accessible information points along relevant migration routes that can refer migrants to child-sensitive and gender-responsive support and counselling, offer opportunities to communicate with consular representatives of the country of origin, and make available relevant information, including on human rights and fundamental freedoms, appropriate protection and assistance, options and pathways for regular migration, and possibilities for return, in a language the person concerned understands.”

Once migrants have arrived at their chosen destination, the signatory countries commit to:

“Provide newly arrived migrants with targeted, gender-responsive, child-sensitive, accessible and comprehensive information and legal guidance on their rights and obligations, including on compliance with national and local laws, obtaining of work and resident permits, status adjustments, registration with authorities, access to justice to file complaints about rights violations, as well as on access to basic services.”

Pretty neat.

Bucks up as Europeans as well as the UK will soon become a thing of the past.

So sovereign nations should bend over, grab both cheeks and take it up the chuff from barbarian invaders invited by our own governments without our consent


Pretty much the plan.

Print and distribute why you should move there.
Tell them how to get to your country
Provide benefits when they get there.

All at the cost of the country getting the best and the brightest, LOL.



And they wonder why the electorate don’t like this immigration pact. It takes a special kind of stupid not to understand :rofl::rofl:

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We have the unofficial version with 11-40 million illegals in the US not counting the legal and refugees entering the country. And our politicians winder why citizens are getting pissed.

The media spins the illegals as 11 million, from the 2000 census to keep the lid on the anger.

Our stagnant wages are a product of the endless supply of illegals and refugees. The cost of 11 million illegals (LOL) migrants 135 billion a year. no one want to talk about the real cost.


I know, I saw the research, and yet the Democrats want more to enter the country. I also saw a recent report by on e of the Universities that the number was over 20 million

We are flooded with illegals that suck the life from those who have to work hard to keep what they have now . Italy was taking in so many at one time and now they are fed up and learned their lesson the HARD way .

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Spain seems to be changing as well

Spain far-right Vox party gains foothold in Andalusia election

All that is needed is to experience their nasty attitude and their unwillingness to assimilate .


They started turning them away. The NGO boats were refused docking at the usual ports.

Yes , they were being overwhelmed . Who can blame them ?

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‘It is time to bring out our inner Vikings’ – Swedes start protesting against mass migration in front of Parliament

The big issue here is if the UK are committed to this pact it really does fly in the face of Brexit to which a major component is strict control of our border. I think this highlights the fiasco that Brexit has become, it’s clear whose interests the government are serving.


The ruling oligarchy does not care because they will not be affected by migration like the commoners will. The rulers will still have their body guards and their gated communities and their guaranteed incomes and occupational perks…such as our US Congress and staff have their own gym, their own transportation systems, their own dining halls…and other freebies.



Good for them! However the Swedes have been stuffed so far down the sewer that a “clean up” might be impossible. I hope not. I wish the people like Merkel, who visited all this upon us, could be forced to stand on the front line and absorb some of their fruits.


If you import the third World into your country, you turn your country into the third World

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Just bumping this to remind everyone who can, to share link to this petition

Come everyone, we are getting there