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Attention seekers are usually little boys trapped in men’s bodies.
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A lot of that going around these days.

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Interesting thought something I never considered before; the ego and alter ego thing.

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It’s hard to speak of such a man in only quotes. The good part is people who don’t know who he is will be introduced to humanity’s greatest writer of all time. Many great minds regarded Dostoevsky as an endless source to meditate upon. Crime and Punishment is a book I couldn’t stop reading.

Same! I hear that from a lot of people say that Crime and Punishment was his best work, although that is up for debate. Nietzsche said: “he is the only psychologist from which I learned something.” The entire narrative on 'human suffering" because humans want to suffer, because it validates our existence is one of the most profound things he formulates as a narrative in 'The Idiot"

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I did not read “the idiot” but that one I have to get to.

I generally like this American anthropologist’s work, albeit some disagreements. Like his name suggests, he has some Iranian (Same word as “Aryan”) roots.

Christians tend to confuse the ancient Egyptian / Greek / Roman / Germanic Sun God with satan,

Swastika and hexagram (so-called star of David) are found together all over the ancient world.

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Paperback. A reprint from a book originally published in the 1920s. There were people back then trying to expose the Deep State. Make an offer. Proceeds go to Camp Constitution.

Hardback. Make an offer. Proceeds go to Camp Constitution.

Published by the American Legion. Hardback. Make an offer. Proceeds go to Camp Constitution.

Awesome book


1973 book by American Jesuit Father Walter J. Ciszek. Father Ciszek was captured by the Russian army during World War II. They accused and convicted him of being a Vatican spy. He would spend 23 years in Soviet prisons and the labor camps of Siberia.

In one key passage, Ciszek describes how his dismissive contempt for his captors and the absurdity of the charge against him vanished. In a moment, they turned to cold realism when he realized what he was dealing with. The Russians were not about to stop asking him the same questions over and over again for days on end. They were not going to listen to facts or reason. “They were relentless, and they were thorough, and they were good at their trade,” Ciszek notes.

A few months ago Mark Judge was talking about how to respect our communist media and recommended this book! Glad I bought it, its a must read!

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This is one of the most fascinating books I ever read. It is about a German Communist -Jan Valtin is his pen name-who discovered that the Nazis protected high level communists while the rand and file were abandoned. He was arrested and tortured by the Gestapo but ended up being released pledging to help the Nazis. He ended up in the USA and was wanted b both the Nazis and Communists. He became a Patriotic American.

The swastika is an ancient Tibetan symbol that Hitler stole from.


The swastika is found all over the ancient world.

Western use of the swastika in the early 20th century - Wikipedia

In ancient (and modern) India and Brittany, just to mention a few.

The word “swastika” is from Sanskrit.

I believe its origin is India, but you are right many different cultures and religions have used the symbol in some form or another including Tibetan Monasteries. In fact there is one on the chest of the giant Buddha in Hong Kong, Lantau Island

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Hardback. Make an offer. Proceeds go to Camp Constitution

One of the most important works that Dostoevsky ever produced was “The UnderG Ground Man”. One of the first Existentialist works that explores Freedom, Individuality, and personal responsibility using social critique, satire that explores “Russian Nihilism” moment. Nietzsche found this piece of work deeply influential.

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Thanks for sharing and enlightening me!

Looks like someone is trying too hard to hock their wares.:grinning:

I have been to Lantau Island, and remember seeing cows everywhere. Or sacred cows so the Indian culture makes sense.

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Thanksgiving day prayer! By William S Burroughs

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