The Green New Deal


When asked if you support a cleaner environment most will of course say yes, but if it requires a substantial alteration of their lifestyle and higher expenses many will change their minds. It’s all about how questions are phrased.


If europe, japan, china, can have these easy, affordable, efficient ways for people to move around

A 7-day JR pass costs ¥29,110 (~$251 USD),
7 day pass for 1 person, 251 bucks.

High speed rail to Yosemite, do you even know where that is???

Guess affordable is a perspective.


Then what do you do when you get off the train? Rent a bicycle to get where you want to go? Walking is still free so there is that. :wink:


The Green New Deal is nothing more than a ploy to get liberals elected. It will appeal to the useful idiots that want something for nothing and those who dream of a socialist utopia.


air travel is expensive.


Have you never priced rail travel in the US? Outside of commuter routes, it isn’t any cheaper than flying, I know because I price it out all the time, since I don’t much care for flying.


What I am witnessing here must of been what it was like when the idea of an internal combustion engine came and people thought that would revolutionize travel.

Or when flying humans from coast to coast was thought of.

Or when the internet was being developed and someone had the idea to expand that to the masses.

Just think of any technological innovation that changed our lives and I bet these same people (cons) would have something against it.

It is why cons exist. They need to be against innovation before they are for it. Not saying everything in AOCs plan will ever happen in our lifetimes… but sometimes some of our greatest achievements started with a list aspirations like what is in this green new deal.


Example, New York to LA

Train $232 One way

Air, round trip $210


If looking at strictly ticket price sure. But you have to factor in your time as well. If I had all of the time in the world and was retired… travel by our current rail systems would be cheaper.

However if I am on the clock and need to get somewhere for a business meeting. Rail is far to expensive compared to air travel.

We could improve the cost with an improved rail system. California is attempting to do that now, if it works, I can see that expanding through the nation.


Again, no, rail travel is not cheaper.


Another example for you, New York to Chicago

Train $109 one way

Air $127 round trip


And if they put in high speed rail, those price differentials would get even worse.


So is train travel. So is gas if you travel by car. So are hotels and food.

So, you are saying because air travel is “expensive” it prevents people from taking a family vacation? That if there were train travel people would save for vacations?


I’ve priced it out as well. There is no advantage and flying gets me there faster.



Yeah you can save a few bucks and take 3 days to get there.


You cant even save money, train travel is more expensive than flying by a wide margin.


No, cons are here to slap some reality into the rainbow and unicorn fantasy’s you on the left dream about. What we do is consider the practical side of it. If the numbers don’t hash out then it becomes “raining of your parade”.

If a con thought this would be viable and be a money maker, it would have been done already.


I didn’t say it was across the board… in some cases it may be. Depending on where you are going


Dance, dance, shift, move.

Can’t hit a moving target nor get your arms around jello.


Find a few for us. I’ll even give you a hint, your only hope are short commuter hops.