The Green New Deal


Perhaps we have different ideas of cheap.

Certainly, i can fly to Florida inexpensively - like INCREDIBLY inexpensivily - like $99…

But I recently flew to Denver from the east coast for pleasure. The most affordable ticket I could find was $429.

Traveled with a family member, so our trip started out costing almost a grand. I’m fortunate and can afford that. But not everyone can.


And if they want to explore they still need to rent a car, ride the shuttle etc.

I swear they’re not too bright.


So what. I don’t care if someone can afford it or not.


Psst, it’s currently $464-$530 for round trip by train New York to Denver


Right. And it should be.

Our rail system is awful right now. It could be great. And affordable.


And if you look at those Euro and Asian countries with extensive rail systems you will see the same thing over and over, high taxes on gas and high tolls to force people to use their trains.


Let me guess, by affordable you mean government subsidized so that high earners can pay for your ticket?


Why “should” it be? We have plenty of affordable means of transportation.

But, hey, if you want to get together with some private investors and think you’ll make a wad of money on train transportation I’d say go for it.


I think you are misunderstanding me.

I am not arguing that our current rail system is adequate or affordable. As someone who lives approximately 3 miles from the NE corridor, I know that it is not.

But I would like america to have an affordable and efficient rail system because it would allow access to our nations wonders to more who currently cannot afford air - or rail - travel today.

it would do wonders for our economy, and would generally be a great thing.


Hmmm, sounds similar… wasn’t a mileage tax being bandied about because of electric cars? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The only place cheap rail travel resides is in your head.


I don’t know. How does europe do it? How does Japan do it? How does China do it?

Are any of those regions or countries destitute because their citizens can travel efficiently and affordably? If not, let’s see how they do it and consider that method.


This is brilliant! Put it up for a vote! Lets see the cockroaches scurry along and run for cover!


You don’t care if americans can travel outside of their immediate geography to find work? Or to experience the natural and cultural riches of our country?


And Europe. And Japan. And China.


Just like air travel, train travel can’t possibly exist on a significant scale without government partnership.


Who says they do? I was just in Europe, rail travel isn’t cheap there either, unless you are a government subsidized student or something. Example


Paris to Barcelona

  • Air: US$61 – 1.75 hours on EasyJet (inc. 1 checked bag)
  • Train: US$98 – 12 hours
  • Bus: US$62 – 15.25 hours

Winner: Air

Here the clear winner is the flight since it’s actually the cheapest as well (not including airport transport). In this case the bus is only good for cheapskates who are afraid to fly, or at least afraid to fly EasyJet.

Paris to Rome

  • Air: US$69 – 2 hours on EasyJet (inc. 1 checked bag)
  • Train: US$56 – 15 hours (overnight)
  • Bus: US$62 – 22.25 hours

Winner: Air

He has train winning a few earlier in the article but when it did win, it was by a buck or two.


That is a very clever move. Will force democrats to explain or abandon this policy paper.

But of course the counter is, this is not legislation. It’s no more something to be voted on than Gingriches contract with a america.


How much do you intend to spend so people can visit our nations wonders?

Even if it is dirt cheap, there are still going to be people who can’t afford it because once they are off the train, they are on their own: food, lodging and a means of transportation.

You really need to think this through beyond “cheaper train is good”.


He has yet to find cheaper trains.