The Green New Deal


maybe because Amtrak is crap.


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There is one that I don’t know.


Dead nuts on…


I invest in lead.


Did I say it was a problem for me? You lot are a head do and it’s very easy for me to just switch you off. Easy, sorted.


Did you fail arithmetic? China’s fastest train runs between stations, at a max of 180 mph. If you divide 800 miles by 180- you would be right, but trains don’t run that way, they stop at different stations. You’d be on that train for about 8 hours barring any unforeseen delays. And how about NYC to LAS- hoooooie, get ready for about 24 - 28 hours. But everyone could take turns quoting chairman Mao’s little red book to pass the time…


Yes! Don’t be fooled though, China has its tentacles within our political system in order to gain control over our culture who seek to import their social credit system world wide along with their surveillance tech!



My eldest teenager is laughing at this stuff.

His first comment was how would they get permission to build all of this high-speed rail.
(Implying the litigious eco-marxist (watermellon) lawyers…). There are wetlands to protect after all.


I am reading here that the plan is to replace internal flights with train travel and using Europe and Japan as examples. The first most obvious point is the distances involved. Europe and Japan are relatively compact. I wonder how the politicians and the very rich will travel? Private jet? Animal farm playing out? This green charade is just an excuse and I am sure would not stack up if you were to analyse the numbers.



Which of course has absolutely nothing to do with surface temps but don’t let that slow them down any in their panic mongering.

How often do you see these facts being reported in association with stories about the melting of the glacier?


Don’t worry, they’ll fly private planes to the worlds most exclusive vacation spots to discuss it.

Because it is ridiculously expensive, slow and adds days to a trip that should only take a few hours.

CA’s high speed rail project has cost an average of around 33,000,000 per mile to construct. High speed trains cost about 12x as much to operate per passenger mile as the current passenger train service in the US which adds dramatically to the cost in the long term.

Worse, the supposed HS train system in CA is only averaging around 100mph rather than the 220mph promised.

Now, compare that to airliners that cost only slightly more to operate per passenger mile (in terms of energy used) than traditional moderate speed rail like Amtrak.

Compare that to the over 500mph cruising speed of modern airliners.

Train travel is also exponentially more dangerous and extremely easy to disrupt via terrorist activity than commercial air travel.


There are no “green sources” of power reliable enough even in combination to do that with the exception of Hydroelectric power which would require building thousands of more reservoirs all over the country and many of them would fail in the central and western parts of the US due to prolonged droughts.

There is also a net loss of electricity with every mile of transmission line so you can only efficiently send electricity down a line for a limited number of miles. All of that required infrastructure also makes prime targets for terrorists.

Those batteries are a joke. You’d have to have an entire room full of them to run a microwave for five minutes and they are extremely toxic hazardous waste and have to be replaced frequently.

Not only that they can’t even be produced in the US due to all of the environmental issues associated with their production.


Lithium ion?:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


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That is the fun of it all. It is so stupid it is hilarious. Better minds than AOC have thought about this before and realized the impracticality. AOC suffers from narcissistic magical thinking: If she thinks it, it is an original thought, nothing short of amazing and will change the word. :joy:


So why don’t we make it better?

MAGA and all, right?

If europe, japan, china, can have these easy, affordable, efficient ways for people to move around, why can’t we?

Wouldn’t it be great if every family could afford a trip to Grand Canyon, or NYC or Yosemite? Or any of the other wonderful things we have in our country? And think what they would do for our economy if even more people could move around frequently.

And think of the opportunities for employment. Suddenly people in poor inner cities could have reliable access to work markets previously inaccessible to them.


What is preventing them from doing that now?


Has nothing to do with being against rail travel and every thing to do with market forces. Government interference is the problem. Americans don’t want to be told by the government what mode of transportation they must use.