The Green New Deal


This is what I like to call a LIB bizarro world.


So who is this “we” that you refer to? I don’t see anything or anyone preventing the free markets from embracing renewable energy - or not.


This is there ideal world, complete total urban planing.

And this is under Communist China.

And you will need permission to venture out in country side…and that will depend on what you say or write on social network.

Basically what they’re advocating s something similar to China.


AOC must have taken a course in the magical realism genre of literature and thought she was in an economics class. Her stories of how this country should become whole again would fit nicely into Marquez’s “100 Years of Solitide”. I can easily see in my minds eye Marquez describing a distant female cousin of the Buendia family leading a country on the other side of the ocean to defeat the revolution of farting cows and creating flying machines powered by windmills.


This is what SOC is what libs today is visualizing.

And if you leave your city…need to get permission. want to buy a steak…the depends in your social score. Want to move into top floor? You need to kiss their fucking asses.

Welcome to their utopia.


Want to have kids? Need to get their permission. Want to kill your baby…knock yourself out.


AP had this out couple days ago, where Venezuela barricaded a bridge coming from Colombia…to prevent aid from coming in.

Yep…socialism where they promise you everything.


Read my post. I said “America is not your problem.” Meaning that America is not Britain’s problem.


No, stupidity on steroids … whether one labels it a plan or aspirations.

Congress should not be wasting their time (and our money) even discussing such absurd legislation.


You are as daft as she is. :roll_eyes:


Totally clueless as to the number of batteries, the space required, the maintenance etc.

Daft is an understatement.


But America’s problems are certainly affecting you.


So will there be high speed rail from Kalamazoo Michigan to Biloxi, Mississippi?

Will there be high speed rail from Kalamath Washington to Bismark, ND?


How about from Nome to Sitka, Alaska? Or better yet, to Attu. :wink:


One thing amazes me.

NY to Chicago.

What about from Lansing Michigan to Sault Ste Marie, Mi? Will the magical high speed rail go everywhere in the US or will travel be limited to between cesspools?


Are there direct flights between these cities?


Just like air travel, you would have to take a few trains.

Why are people reflexively against rail travel?


Maybe some day it will get better.

2 years ago I took the train from Denver to Chicago.

We were 4 hours late in leaving.

We stopped in Kearney Nebraska as rail work was scheduled for that day and transferred to buses. 3 days later we arrived in Chicago.



Most people have never attempted a train across country.

The rails are not owned by Amtrak but by the railroads, Union Pacific, etc. Amtrak pays for use. Air travel is painful however rail is beyond sad.