The Green New Deal


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal has nothing to do with saving the planet and going green. It’s a government power grab and redistribution of wealth.


The US is a major problem.

The US has lost it’s moral compass as proven across the country.
The US is all underway changing to more socialist type programs.
The US still interferes in other countries elections, politics.
The US is lost in debt and doesn’t; acknowledge the implications to itself or the rest of the world.
The US is no longer a nation of laws.
The US is hopelessly divided thanks to the media and the lefts resist attitude.
The US is o longer a sovereign nation.
Hate is rampant.


One could make a case that they are totally indoctrinated and really don’t realize the impact of their agenda.

Rebuild or upgrade every building in the US.

There are 91,241,000.
Imagine adding solar panels to every home at 15K cost to the government per home.The cost for 1 upgrade:
Over 1 trilion dollars.
How do you store the produced electricity at night, during the winter, on cloudy days.
How many windmills will it take to power half the country? Where sill they be located on top of buildings in the city? How is the energy stored.
2 examples of how poorly thought out the plan is.


The amount of thought anyone needs to put into the plan is as complicated as knowing when it is safe to cross a street.

It is so asinine I cannot even believe it was real.

Someone wanted AOC embarrassed and humiliated so she will come into the fold like a good little lemming.


Oh yeah.


This isn’t a plan. It’s a list of ideas. Aspirations.


a list of poorly thought out pie in the sky ideas

Louman asked some important question to which no one from the left has answered
how do you store them at night in the winter or cloudy days?

This technology can work in southern states where the winters are mild, but in northern states especially Alaska how does that work?

Or is the southern states subsidizing northern states?

What about the costs? what about apartment buildings in Section 8 sections?

Lots of questions but no answers


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez releases her Green New Deal legislation to repeal and replace America’s affordable energy industry


A copy of her legislation, I mean ideas:


Store energy in batteries. Tesla Powerwall is a great example.

You can also supplement lack of solar with other green power sources during times where the amount of solar energy is minimal.


Thanks. I already posted the same link above. I read through the actual document and there is no deals. It literally reads like a outline of ideas. Of course this isn’t going anywhere. She doesn’t talk about exactly how it will be paid for and built.

The problem with this “legislation” is the same problem we have with the wall. Sounds like a great idea until you need to pay for it. Then questions need to be answered with details provided.


Let me see.

The battery technology doesn’t exist today.

Ever see a battery bank?

Did you now that batteries contain rare earth metals requiring mining and it creates POLLUTION?

Did you know batteries require maintenance and testing?

Do you know the size of current storage systems? I do, I still work with them in central offices.

Did you know DC storage device require inverters to convert to AC?

Wonder, how do you transport all that electricity from flyover country to the Cesspool cities? HV transport lines? Copper, line loss is a major problem the farther you trans port it.

The list is endless of problems with storage.

We’re not taking about ever ready batteries.


Then you get this! EPIC!


And given the reliance on solar energy that these ideas have, the numbskull global alarmist libs will first try to make us reliant on solar energy and then block the fucking engery from reaching us.


So therefore we shouldnt work towards making it a reality? Battery storage is AN option but may not be THE ONLY option.


Why not? If a train could get you there just as fast and in comfort, why wouldn’t you take it.

China high speed rails could go from NYC to chicago in about 4 and a half hours. Facto in security and flight BS…that’s on par with flying.


High speed rail would be excellent for our economy, and well as for economic mobility.

If, like in Japan and China and europe, there were frequent fast train lines that allowed easy mobility, more business could be done. And people’s gephaphic sphere of employment increases.


I’m just wondering if libs understand it still take large amount of energy to propel a train, building and lay tracks.

And then what are you going t with with those that live in remote corners?

And finally…how is this utopia dream of crazy radical going to impose their vision of utopia onto society?


People willing to support things before they know what’s in it.

How Obamaharm was advanced.

The goal is to get Republicans to the point they’ll resign themselves that the ship has sailed so they’ll give up and stop fighting.


Your new hero, AOC, talks like we have not thought of these things before and put them into the “nice to have” and “cool” category but not a solution for a country where the working taxpayer would have to buy the batteries for the illiterate and uneducated democrat voters. Same with residential windmills and residential geothermal systems.

The nests of democrat voters are in crowded urban areas where there is no room for individual family sized power generation systems.


Operative word: impose.

And when they IMPOSE their vision upon industry, effectively controlling what industry does, effectively nullifying the prerogatives of those who would otherwise be called “owners” , the socialists will therefore be no different than fascists… except in what they call themselves.

I am always amused by puffed up libs who declare “oh you cons don’t even know the difference between socialism and fascism.” when they are outed for fascist techniques of government control.

Fact is… when a government imposes socialism, they absolutly - by definition - are using fascist techniques. There are no roving bands of “workers” taking over industry. Under an imposed socialism, there are only elitist and idiotic leftists taking control IN THE NAME of workers.