The Green New Deal


If you say you’re American Indian thy will fast track you here in the states. :wink:


Yes. My “misgendering” example was not meant to be exclusive. There are other things we can be punished for uttering.


Yeah, come on over, Jen. You and your family can live with me for a dollar a month if you promise to clean up the house and keep it that way…and cook…and run errands…and vote Republican! :innocent:


Yeah, that would be like giving Obama the Nobel Peace Prize. Who would do something stupid like that? :rofl:


Is that all? :sunglasses:


That’s all I expect for a dollar a month. It’s a New Green Deal for me. I get a lot for nothing.


I posted the link to the polling if you want to check it out.


I saw it. It doesn’t reveal:

The ages of those polled
The locations of those polled
How many were Democrat
How many were Republican
Whether it was on paper or online

It is a bullshit poll.


Gee, ya think. :rofl:


Actually, I think I left off the actual article that has the PDF link. I believe this is the report that has the data they are posting in the article. At least it’s the linked page but I have no desire to waste my limited bandwidth to download the report.

It rates pretty low on my give a shit meter.


And make you a Senator


It’s a fine poll. True and honest. :wink:


Green New Deal? Well after reading all I could find about it. It has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard. That would be so expensive to do that if the world backed it up monetarily it would still bankrupt the planet and fail. And frankly your doing all this for something that hasn’t even been proven as a problem. And if you read the 14 page outline its written as something that sounds like a socialist agenda and probably is. And sorry but if this is such a good plan why don’t all the Socialist politicians take this idea down to Venezuela and see how it pans out! Thats one way to get rid of some of those crooked bastards. lol. Oh and this isn’t the idea Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez she couldn’t come up with an idea if her life counted on it. Just another reason why Democrats can never get back in power again anything they touch turns into shit!


She’s the designated decoy. She can’t run anyway, but what you want to bet they’re martyring her on this “deal” to pave the way for Harris or Clinton who aren’t “as bad” this time around while they groom AOC for the next three runs. :roll_eyes:


I’ve got your poll right here, pal. :-1:


And given that the poll was conducted before occasional cortex submitted her bill, what questions did they ask?


No need. I simply have to get away from the internet and all things American. :wink:

Anyway, you don’t want Brits with their own money; you only want third world spongers. :stuck_out_tongue: America is a great tax haven for non Americans. Why on earth would I want to be American and have your taxman follow me everywhere?


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Republicans Secret Weapon! Excellent article and makes a very good point! Watch out Demomarxists!


Believe me, America is NOT your problem. Look east.