The Green New Deal





If it seems like a bad idea now, we just haven’t thrown enough money at it. - every liberal Democrat ever.


And of course the cry for socialism is that just because it’s failed everywhere it’s been tried means nothing, we’re America so we can do it better than anyone else.

Of course the reason the US can do basically everything else better than the rest of the world is our mostly capitalist economy which rewards innovators and inventors.


The only thing the Green New Deal did was solidify that “climate change” is just their cover-up word for systematically changing America into a socialist country.


Yes he invented the internet and when that war thin he create global warming which has morphed into climate change to explain the cold weather. To prove his global warming he throws in movies which the left consumes like Hillary, Barack’s and michelle’s books. One has to ask, why are they that stupid to wealth transfer their money to their heroes?

I really don’t understand why people cannot give Al credit as the innovator of our times. It’s amazing the energy he consumes in his 10K sq ft home, his private jet all ignored by the media.


And I believe that is a key point.

LIBs like to point to economic growth under Obama. Conservatives wonder how much better the economy would be today if not for Obama’s anti-business agenda and burdensome regulations.

That is the beauty of capitalism, it succeeds despite Government interference. But imagine what the economy would look like without that interference.


Libs should take heed to what happen in France when they wanted to jack up gas tax to pay for their green scam/deals.

But again I’m not sure they’re smart enough to equate the two.


Something to ponder:
Under Obama we had QE1-3, Operation Twist 1/2, ZIrp and we had tepid growth.

Under Trump we have no stimulus in place and rising interest rates and the economy is still moving forward.

Imagine if we had the Fed stimulus in place today and the increase in GDP it would create.


Sorry, no can do. AOC’s bill also bans nuclear power.


Which is incredibly stupid if your concern is global warming.



History happening right before their eyes. Yet they plod forward like a stampede of herded cows headed for a cliff. Honest to God it is the most pathetic display of arrogance and stupidity combined.


They don’t like fossil fuels.
They don’t like nuclear power.
They don’t like hydro power.
They abhor cutting trees and burning them for heat or power.
And they don’t like mining of the materials required to construct all known green-alternative options.

What they are really saying is that they don’t like modern society.


I’m not sure I follow you here? My statement regarding “a cleaner environment” was in the context of how polling questions can be phrased to get a desired response.


When the price of gasoline increases to $5 per gallon those goof balls in support of the Green Deal will be singing a different tune.


Rail works great when two things are in it’s favor: high population density and constricted geography. Both of these help a given level of infrastructure to serve as much of the population as possible.

A classic example of how this benefits rail transit can be seen in NYC. Yes, population density is high but the second, constricted geography, also come into play allowing a lot of the area to be serviced with relatively minimal infrastructure and the balance of the cost savings can be spent on more cars.

By comparison the Dallas Area Rapid Transport (DART) system has had to contend with serving a huge area. This compounds problems, not only is the infrastructure for rail much more involved but it also spreads out the available trains significantly too.

For passenger rail service across the country similar issues are involved and it is much easier to maintain service along the East or West coast, where the cities more or less line up, than it is in middle America.

But really America HAS invested in a mass transit system: the roads.


Don’t. I’m serious. Think of our roads in terms of a rail service where the rider provides the train. The road builder doesn’t have to worry about providing adequate service vehicles to serve the network since the user provides these themselves and dynamically too. A country road is far more efficient and cost effective for most of a country like the United States than rail ever could be. That’s why semi trucks dominate hauling goods and services. The trains get stuff close enough and the trucks get them to the end of the line.

The dream of high speed passenger rail simply cannot compete across the middle of the country.


If you go by the Georgia guidestones someone thinks a few billion people should be murdered … while they may not be the rank-and-file of any bunch I have a hard time squaring that and the rest with them being conservative elites. But progressive elites? Sure, easy fit.


Quite the opposite. They want people to be priced out of fossil fuels so that they will be forced to change their behavior. Unfortunately, the poor alone will suffer. Well-to-do Americans will complain, but life will go on for them.


ruh roh! :disappointed:


Good ol Fox News…

The high speed rail between Sacramento and San Diego is being abandoned. However they are continuing to build the rail between Merced and Bakersfield.

I imagine the rail to Vegas is still on the table as well. But they didn’t talk about it.