The Green New Deal


The internet was inevitable from the invention of the computer. The minute we started encoding information in bits it was a no brainer that we would some day have an internet. So unless government invented the computer, that’s a no, they weren’t instrumental in the internet. If anything they held it back with telecom monopoly’s. Stop and think about what a computer is, an electronic device that transmits and processes electronic data. TCIP was a no brainer. It didn’t take a government genius to realize what you could do inside a computer, transmit data, could be done over telecomm.


The feds just printing the money they need would essentially be a flat tax, everyone would be impacted equally by the devalued dollar.


And heck thats what we have already for like 50% of the federal budget.


how do you its not true do you have evidence backing up your claim

I went online and found by train

the cheapest flight I could find without flying in Air France or British airways

was easy jet, which i’ve never heard of and it was from 38 pounds to 138 pounds, I find the 38 pounds suspicious but whatever


Hilarious, it doesn’t count because you haven’t heard of easy jet? And why don’t Air France or British airways counts? You essentially just posted, well I am wrong but only because these facts prove I am


You try and change the topic again and I’ll file a complaint and see what can be done about you diverting the conversation.

Got it?


I dont fly economy , and I didnt say Air france and British airway should not count, they are more expensive than some no name economy airline provider.


They were both working on government grants.


Guess you still don’t get it.

Government grants does not inventing shit.

  1. TCP/IP was a derivative of NCP.
  2. TCP/IP was designed by 2 scientists, Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn who are referred to as the fathers of the internet.
  3. The defense department provided the funding for the research.
  4. Neither were employed by the government.

The government may have provided money but the people worked for private industry.

Pull your head out and do a little reading for accuracy.


It is the innovators that fund and find ways to decrease the negative impact of government regulations.


Neither is true. We all know that AlGore created the internet.


The ideas were developed by private industry. Gov’t grants funded the research that created ARPNET.

ARPNET is not the internet, that was all done by private industry using existing private infrastructure and eventually building an entirely new data transmission infrastructure.

If the gov’t was responsible for the internet we’d all still be thrilled to get a 9,600k connection over copper wires.


I’ve got a client who’s wife is an arctic and antarctic researcher.

She’s in Antarctica right now studying the Melting of the Thwaites Glacier.

Many of her colleages just cant’ wrap themselves around the fact it’s rapid melting is due to volcanic activity rather than any change in surface temps.

They are so hell bent on AGW theory they reject anything that doesn’t support it.

It would also be hidden where a flat tax would show people exactly what they are contributing and what anyone of any income level is contributing to the whole.


Too light…


Wow! Would you get along with my wife!

That was awesome.




Maybe we could make a ramp at our shore and jump the Atlantic with an innovative Super High-speed Intercontinental Train.



Slaps hands and gives them a slight knuckle crack…

First: I note that no Lib has here discussed either energy savings from this Green (read that as Dollars) New Deal, nor the impact of all this stupidity to American life.

Second: If libs had an unique idea it would be lonely. More on this later.

Third: if there is to be innovative, outside the box thinking here it will be from a Conservative, so I will start:

A) Instead of killing off all the Cows, can we raise them on the trains, capturing the methane from flatulence, burps, and biomass. Then we run the trains on the resulting methane and serve steaks to passengers. We could call this Way-You-Go beef.

B) Since the zero fossil fuels will completely kill all missions to space, can we simply eliminate GPS use since all those satellites will fail in relatively short order. Perhaps we could put liberals into re-education camps to teach them to read maps?

C) With all this utopian, egalitarian, Communist bullshit, why don’t we force high-tech employers to use the internet to site employees equally in every county in the country. With all this rebuilding of every structure in the US, lets tear down the coastal leftist cities, return them to an average population density, eliminate heat islands, and force all those high salary leftwits to be nice to the Christian waitress in the only diner in town. Enforcing average population density would level a lot of the playing fields. Hey, a Government that can tell you that you make too much money, give you money for not working, ban gasoline for your 1972 442 Oldsmobile Cutlass, and tell you to get on the train, can sure as hell tell you that you have to live in a podunk town. (P.S. I like podunk towns.)

D) If ALL!!! of these brilliant suggestions go unheeded, Why don’t we simply tell NY and CA to lead the way? Simply go first. If all this crap is so great, just do it. Maybe we can get Nike to join in and have Colon Kapperdipshit to do a commercial for it.



Nah, we’ll just make it super duper high speed nuclear powered train and send it to Europe over the ice sheet .

Till it melts anyhow!


You mean we can’t power our space program with solar panels, wind generators, and cow fart generated methane?