The Green New Deal


How many trains would you have to take from where you live to London or Tokyo?


Glaciologists and Volcanologists have known about active volcanos under the Western Ice Sheet for more than 30 years, yet all the AGW crowd sees is “the ice is melting!”


Uh No! You are completely way out in left filed on the Climate Change BS. There is no scientific evidence that man is creating it. This is not about Republicans denying it, its about intelligent reasonable people who know how to spot a money scam and a socialist alarm hoax in order to fleece the American tax payer! Obviously you are just another sheeple here who bought the scam hook line and sinker!


Here is another classic for the ages, especially to the dumbass climate BS narrative supporters.

This is Hilarious! Mother nature has a sense of humor!


So is “travel time”…at least for people who have a job…

If you are talking about those democrat voters who are unwilling to work, yeah…they can spend days on the train and the station it stops at and they dont lose one day of paid employment.


I have over a dozen patents … new ways of doing things. You are reaching. We know what new things can be good. Patents have to be vetted. Let AOC get her ideas vetted. Healthy skepticism is not an impediment to GOOD ideas.

For all those things you mention that were a success, there were also dozens of not hundreds of apparently cool ideals that went nowhere. Pointing to old successes and saying they share a quality with these ridiculous democrat ideas is bad logic, dude.


Taggart Transcontinental Railroad


Here is what leftists aren’t seeing about the Green New Deal:

  1. Introduce democratic socialism.
  2. Make everyone pay the same percentage.
  3. Create a wider gap between the super wealthy and the poor, destroying the middle class.
  4. Continuously devalue the dollar so the poor think they are okay.
  5. Bubble bursts.
  6. Suddenly those making what was 15 bucks an hour are now making over $10 million a year
  7. Tax them the 70% tax rate.

B-but at least I have free healthcare! :rofl:


The government doesn’t invent anything other than new rules that don’t apply to them and creative new ways to steal other people’s money. Like liberals.


Code words for: “put a huge tax on air travel, and people will be encouraged to ride the train.”


What makes you think they do it cheaply?


We will have achieved liberal utopia when everything is free and nobody has to pay taxes because they don’t have to work. :wink:

I missed the name, but I heard one of the newly elected wacko Democrats on a news show saying that we don’t need taxes to pay for it, we can just print up however much money we need. God help us. :grimacing:


And as always you’re incorrect.

  1. TCP/IP was a derivative of NCP.
  2. TCP/IP was designed by 2 scientists, Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn who are referred to as the fathers of the internet.
  3. The defense department provided the funding for the research.
  4. Neither were employed by the government.

So far you’ve established you now nothing about the internet and the history and development.
Add to that your clueless as to battery storage, types of batteries, required maintenance etc.
Throw in you know nothing about wind technology and the movement of power from one location to another, long haul transmission and the limitations.

Yet you continue to be a know it all that knows nothing and does nothing but throw out shit and pretend it doesn’t stink.


What totally incredible is that the idiots forget the last mile.

So you get to Chicago on a high speed rail from NY. Do you walk all over the place as you certainly didn’t get to Chicago to see the train station.

People are clueless as to travel as many have not left their little cesspool and think this is a small country. Where you take a train get there and see the sights.

Chicago metropolitan area is 10,856 sq mi.


Prove it because, well, it isn’t true.


Oh yes, necessarily skyrocketing energy costs will be a real winner for democrats lol. That’s a real vote getter.


I sort of like that method of taxation, no taxes, government just prints the money, everyone pays equally in devalued currency. Beats the hell out of progressive soak the producers taxes.


You have no idea what you’re talking about. They don’t do it cheaply because it cannot be done cheaply.

Take a look at the tax rates for the lower 2/3 of earners in each of those countries and get back to us.


And where it does it’s due to extremely heavy gov’t subsidies for rail.


The “green new deal” would increase energy costs from 600-1,000%. The idiots will count on energy subsidies to the consumer to hold their costs down as individuals but in reality it would require massive tax increases on everyone in the country, particularly the bottom 75% to even be viable.

People will be forced into deciding whether they want to drive their cars or have heat in the winter and A/C in the summer and cook meals or buy out vs driving to work.

Flat tax for all or a flat head tax for all. Nobody gets a pass, preference, deduction, or rebate, everybody pays.

You make 10x, 100x, 1000, or 1,000,000 more than the poorest person in America and you pay 10x, 100x, 1000 or 1,000,00x more than they do.

What could be more fair than that?