The Democrats Don't care about you


Those are all Democrats Lou, your point would be valid if the Republicans weren’t also actively pursuing the “Latino vote” at all costs as well.


Pursuing the votes of legally immigrated Latinos does not conflate to favoring illegal immigration.


Self preservation.

Term limits would correct this issue in a second.


Yes really. That they were publicly saying they were for it in the past means neither that they really were for it, or that they are still really for it. In my view, they were saying what they had to say to get elected then and no longer think they have to say it now to get elected. The percentage of people who can vote that weren’t born here, not to mention the children born here to illegals and other foreigners has been climbing steadily, most of them would like to bring their family and friends to join them. Like I said, they’ve reached the tipping point where at least in their view, they no longer have to hide their true position to get elected. They have been saying one thing on the campaign trail and doing another in office for quite a while now.


What’s changed?

By supporting illegals they are supporting their belief of future voting rights and citizenship. It’s why they reject changing asylum laws which brings in more support.

The stupid citizens of their country fail to realize the damage both parties are doing to this once great nation.


The Republicans always end up being the bad guys when it comes to illegals. They really do need to smarten up and play the game.

We might as well offer citizenship to the illegals already here. It’s a foregone conclusion these illegals are going to stay here. We might as well take advantage of it. Trump needs to go to Congress and offer citizenship based on certain restrictions.

Allocate the funds for the wall and increased border security first. Offer citizenship to only those without a criminal record. Those already in our prisons send them back to their home countries. Citizenship will be hinged on applying for citizenship then going through the proper procedures.


LMAO. So what, the Republicans are going to end up the bad guys so they should just allow a bunch of illegals to become citizens because they’re just going to get their way eventually anyway? Why bother having laws or a Constitution then? Hell, why bother having government at all? Or even a country for that matter? I mean if everything we do is going to be based solely on what others think of us, fuck it, right? That’s got to be the dumbest position I’ve seen advocated in a long time and I’ve seen some really ridiculous ones.


And then what happens, all the shiny new formerly illegal citizens help vote in more open borders democrats so they can bring their friends and family and republicans never control the government again, and we become a third world country as a hundred million south and central Americans make this their new home and vote themselves all of my money. No thank you.

They might pull it off in the end but they’ll never get my help or approval to do it.


It’s not like anyone is going to round up the illegals and ship their slimy butts back. Democratic Governors and Mayors are using these slime balls as leverage to gain more votes. We might as well take that from them and give these illegals a path to citizenship.

Hell, they are already here. Most don’t pay taxes, they steal ID’s work for shit wages driving down the standard wages. But before doing that build the damn wall and secure the border.


We currently have an open border. People cross every day. Should everyone and anyone be granted citizenship because they crossed the border? If that’s the case shouldn’t anyone in the world that wants to com to the US be allowed in and granted citizenship?

Citizenship, the perfect reward for people who have broken numerous laws, take unfits illegally because w love them but not the rest of the world.


You either must not be old enough to remember what happened under Reagan or simply just super naive… your idea (amnesty in exchange for securing the border) was proposed back then, the Democrats reneged, and here we are today. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


You clearly never fully read my post.


Are you going to pretend you weren’t just talking about amnesty with the trademark “path to citizenship” line? There’s already a path to citizenship and it’s not only Constitutional, it’s one of the enumerated powers of Congress. It’s called NATURALIZATION. Look it up. You might learn something.


Please go back a read the post again. You keep skipping over important parts.


You mean this part?

The GOP is a spineless clone of the DNC. Except Trump isn’t the GOP.

Imagine the employment possibilities, the wage increases if illegals and asylum fairs were all deported. Healthcare costs would drop. Housing costs would drop. The deficit would be smaller. Education would improve as the need for bilingual education would no longer be necessary. Imaging fewer people victimized by illegals. The roads would be less crowded. Welfare costs would drop. EITC would be reduced. Th list is endless.

But the dems and repubs would no longer have a warm fuzzy feeling.


But, it will never happen. Once these illegals are here it’s hard as hell to get them out. Trump or no other president is going to round up millions of illegals.

Last time Amnesty was given nothing else was done to prevent more from coming in. My thoughts are get what you need first to secure the border. Once that’s in place then instead of Amnesty offer a path to citizenship to the millions of illegals already here. The citizenship process will weed out a lot of the undesirables.

Dangling the carrot of possible citizenship will force Dems. to take a very hard look at it. If they refuse then it can be used against them.


Eisenhower did without technology, computers etc.


why offer them amnesty? they broke the law coming here.

Now I can make an exception for those who really and I mean really attempts to assimilate , speak the language, hasn’t used any social services and such.

But for most who work, commit crimes, abuses welfare, the healthcare, round them up and boot their asses out.

We also need to get tougher on businesses that hires illegals and houses them, because building a wall is just a small solution , other things needs to be done.


Thy have a kid in the US and are immediately eligible for food stamps and medicaid for the kid.


Except there aren’t only two options, deport them all or make them citizens. Nothing stopping us from making them legal residents, without giving them citizenship and the ability to help vote in more politicians to help them bring a hundred million of their friends and family in next. That’s my solution, they can have a green card, if they break any laws, they get deported. If they keep their noses clean and don’t go on federal or state assistance they can stay. But they can’t be citizens, they forfeited that opportunity when they came here illegally or overstayed their visa.