The Democrats Don't care about you

That’s right folks, the Democrats don’t give a rats ass about We The People. If Sanders, or Warren, Harris or even Hillary walked by and saw you lying in a ditch I doubt if any of them would get their hands dirty to help you out. Now, one of them might call 911.

Take this push for $15 an hour. The Democrats don’t care about you personally all they are concerned with is you making more money so you pay more into federal taxes. On top of that, the Democrats now want to increase payroll taxes taking even more money from you. One has their hand in your back pocket while another one is rooting through your front pockets looking for loose change.


The Democrats care only for votes. Their push for a $15 minimum wage is nothing but pandering for votes from those making less than that.

They do not really care whether or not you ever get it.

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The Democrats sure do love to pander. So far the Democrats running for 2020 have promised the farm and more. Green New Deal, Medicaid for all, free college tuition and free child care for working parents.

If you add it all up it comes in at around $3 Trillion and that’s a conservative number. Now anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that all of this is just simple BS to get your vote.

Nope - the Democrats don’t care.

Thank God we have the Republicans, who have repeatedly shown that their concern is not for power, money, or votes but always and only the welfare of the people.

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This eliminates 90% or so of the Democrat voters.

Unless you are brain dead this is not a news flash.

Neither is it that Republicans don’t give a rats ass.

Both are intent upon what they can personally gain using the powers granted to them by the “people”.

But, good news. The Democrats are capitalists in this regard. The Republicans just don’t hide it.

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The RNC is full of Quislings who will protect big government that the Democrats advance but who have some difficulty working together to advance it themselves, a difficulty the Left doesn’t share.

A useless man is better than a dangerous man.

The Republicans are full of shit too, most republicans are sell outs , they only care about their financial positions and power.

The Democrats, Democratic Socialists are worse .

The reality is the politicians that cares about people are the grass root ones and a few Politicians representing their individual states.

Federal politicians don’t.

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Trump seems to be ticking off that list.

Typical liberal lie. Congratulations!

Partially true. A lot of union wages are calculated as X% over minimum too so there’s a huge buy in for them as well.

Unlike what the Dem’s are pushing such as an unsecure border most of what the republicans are pushing is good for the Country and The People.

Me? I think you misunderstand my post.

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Perhaps. It is sort of a double negative list. I withdraw my remark.

Aside from occasional misspeaking and harmless embellishment of truth (things that Mueller would say constitute perjury if stated under oath), he is trying to accomplish all of those things that “NOBODY will do”.

Though he has fulfilled numerous campaign promises, the left, the MSM, the Never-Trunpers and the Democrat party want President Trump to fail more than they want the country to succeed…so they oppose all he tries to accomplish, be it good for the people or not…in their effort to make him APPEAR as liar and a failure. That’s all it takes to convince the useful idiots to vote him out.

Trump has accomplished a lot in two short years more so than Obama did in 8 years. Just think how much more could have been accomplished if the Republicans would unite.

…and if the Democrat Party hadn’t put its own interests over those of the nation. The Democrat Party cares only for itself.

The republicans in the house had their chance and failed miserably by doing nothing.

Thy were not re-elected for that very reason.

Unfortunately people chose poorly and we will suffer for years getting rid of the democrats if that’s even possible.

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Yep, Quislings gotta be Quislings.

For two years the Republicans were using their embarrassment over Trump as a convenient excuse to yet again not keep their campaign promises and to play nice with the Democrats.

Politics as usual for the RNC and cowardice / complicity is what lost the House.

And now, once again, the Democrats are poised to show us what real spendthrift, Stupidity and antiamericanism is like.

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The problem was the GOP brass strategy was stupid in the first place, when they had the house they were concerned about the upcoming midterm election and didnt want to take the tough votes about the wall until after the midterms.

They gambled and lost, they believe that if they retained the house even by a slight majority and rid themselves of the Republicans who would have voted against the funding that they would be in a better position, they gambled and lost

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