The Democrats Don't care about you


A hispanic who hasn’t spent a single day of his life in a hispanic country. You like Cruz. We get it. Guess what? Ted isn’t his real name either. :roll_eyes:


Is that supposed to be an excuse? Why didn’t the leadership allow it to reach the floor?


What on earth? Hispanics live all over the US and make up about 35% of the population today.

It was the Spanish that began settling The West and SW hundreds of years before we even crossed the Mississippi.


It’s a fact. You’re bitching because they didn’t vote on bills that were never allowed to reach the floor by Mitch and Ryan.

How the hell could they vote for bills that aren’t up for a vote?


By censuring Mitch and Ryan for not allowing it to come to a vote for starters. Always with the excuses. They never had any intention of voting to repeal Obamacare. But hey, crying that the leadership never let it come up for a vote is sure convenient, isn’t it? If the leadership acted against the interests of the party, why wasn’t new leadership put in place? Just another example of “representatives” only pretending to represent their constituents.


And? That has what to do with his pandering?


This is where it gets cloudy. Who they represent.

On average less than 50% of eligible voters bother to vote. The other 50% about half of them only concern themselves with one or two issues the remainder are actually informed voters that can see the bigger picture.

I think we would end up with much better Representatives if the States eliminated the voting districts and made it a statewide election. If that could be accomplished we would not have people like Omar in the House representing a small percentage of Somalia’s. All she is doing is rendering the House a heterogeneous, incoherent, distracted mass.




In Colorado they have passed the National popular vote initiative rendering Colorado’s electoral votes null and void.

When you look at the reality 50% of people vote and roughly 50% vote for each party allowing a bit above 25% of the people in the US to determine who sits in the oval office.

The house and senate are not much better. People then bitch and complain about government doing nothing to fix the situation.


Don’t look now, but yet another “true conservative”, Rand Paul, is siding with the Democrats against Trump’s emergency order for border security. :roll_eyes:

We need term limits. Plain and simple. We also need to get rid of each and every single one of the crooks currently in office who aren’t representing their constituents.


Looks like an entire changeout is in order.


Pretty much where I’m at, yeah.


It’s funny because the real reason for their “concern” over the emergency order is hidden in the article.

They say “Many lawmakers opposed to the emergency declaration say it tramples Congress’ constitutional power to control spending and would set a precedent for future Democratic presidents to make such a declaration for their own purposes.” which is complete horseshit, but then they follow that with this gem which is actually the truth here "They also are concerned Trump would siphon money from home-state projects to barrier construction."

In other words, Trump might siphon money from these corrupt fuckers personal pork projects and they can’t have that. After all, they owe the people that got them where they are. And no, I’m not talking about the people they’re actually supposed to be representing.

This isn’t about Trump. This isn’t even about the wall. This is about someone who isn’t part of the establishment trying to change things (like he has been since he was elected) and the establishment not having any of it.


It’s interesting that they all fail to mention by not building a wall or barrier to prevent easy access it leads to more illegals crossing the border, Take that a bit further the congress tis preventing the president from doing his job which is enforcement of laws they passed. Take that a bit further, it harms American physically and comically as well as killing taxpayers.

If this were a GOP congress and a Dem president the media would be hammering the headlines daily.

As a side note, this is all about Trump and ensuring he cannot claim another victory for the american people.


Only in the fact that he wasn’t bought and paid for like the rest of the establishment when he was elected. Now? Who knows?


I agree 100%. This opposition concerning the wall/border security is all about preventing Trump from fulfilling a campaign promise. Democrats and some Republicans would rather put their childish disdain towards Trump over the safety of the People.


Can’t agree, while that is certainly part of it, I don’t believe they would be for better border security if Trump wasn’t in office. They have reached the tipping point of having imported enough new voters that they no longer have to hide their open border stance from the old ones.


Bingo and both parties are actively targeting the Latino vote (illegal or otherwise) as several states have been attempting to and/or succeeding in changing their voting laws to allow illegals to vote. Not a coincidence.


Having lived a few years in a couple of heavily socialist states, I can tell you they are pretty sweet deals for wealthy people, and that’s pretty much all they had, two classes, the wealthy and the poor. That makes domestic help insanely cheap and the police easy to bribe. What more could a heartless rich guy want? In Barbados, I had two full time gardeners, a housekeeper, a cook and a driver, all for less that I’d pay just for cleaners to come by my house biweekly in the US. And hey, if a cop pulled me over for speeding, you could make that go away for fifty bucks. Of course you have to have a wall around your house but other than that, pretty sweet deal. No wonder the elites want to bring that here.


Chuck Schumer

Video from 2009 shows Chuck Schumer advocating for a fence along the southern border because it will be a “far more secure” means to creating a “significant barrier to illegal immigration.”

"The American people will never accept immigration reform unless they truly believe that their government is committed to ending future illegal immigration," he added.

Elizabeth Warren

In May of 2013, a representative for Elizabeth Warren spoke at Boston City Hall regarding immigration reform, noting that the Senator supported legislation that “upholds our existing laws” and "maintains border security."

Barack Obama

President Obama praised legislation known as the Secure Fence Act of 2006, which included what he said would be “good” :

Kirsten Gillibrand

On her campaign page in 2008, New York’s virtual clone of Hillary Clinton, Kirsten Gillibrand, stated she is "a firm opponent of any proposal that would give amnesty to illegal aliens" and believed the “federal government must provide the necessary resources to secure our borders.”

Hillary Clinton

Speaking of Hillary Clinton, she bragged in November of 2015 that, "I voted numerous times when I was a senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in … and I do think that you have to control your borders."