The Democrats Don't care about you


I know a lot uses them because they have a child here but Im talking about the small percentage that doesn’t use welfare


I’m not talking about offering them amnesty. I said offer them a pathway to citizenship, they must go through the system. Big difference.

To win this we must put aside our feelings towards the illegals that are here. We have to stop Democrats from using them as leverage.


another fancy word for amnesty, here is a noble idea , why don’t they leave and enter in the U.S legally like many others and then we can welcome them , yes its terrible where they come from but we have enough problems here.

how does giving them a pathway to citizenship going to solve some of the problems?


It won’t. It didn’t back when Reagan was tricked into doing it either. Like I said, those who fail to learn from history…


Personally, I think our immigration laws are much too lenient. Especially when you compare our laws to those in other countries.


It certainly won’t with that attitude. You know what they say, if you aren’t part of the solution…


Not an attitude as much as being able to face reality. The best chance we ever had of removing the illegals is with Trump and he can’t get enough support from the Republicans to make much of anything happen.


Well one thing you have to give Sanders credit for, he addressed this already. If you don’t like the assholes representing you, run for office. If there’s anything these cocksuckers hate, it’s competition.


They control the bills that come to the floor so how exactly are the House and Senate going to do that?


Too many republicans are bought and paid for by the National Chambers of Commerce and other big business interests that rely on cheap labor from illegals.


Pandering? They are his constituents and nationwide a very large voting block he identifies with.

Paul has a good point although I disagree with him.

This needs to be done, it shouldn’t have had to be done under an emergency declaration.

It doesn’t quite equate to a foreign army invading the US and congress refusing to pass a war resolution or AUMF but there certainly is a serious crisis along the southern border and I think Trump has made a good case for using the power granted him by congress to declare an emergency and act under the law to address it.

Neither Paul nor his farther are conservatives, they are libertarians.


Yeah well I’m just going to leave this here and let it speak for itself.




Seems that Omar is going to get a pass concerning her continued hate towards Israel. The Democrats are afraid of her.



Not just her. They are likely more afraid of offending Muslims in general…and losing some Muslim votes.







Quite the country isn’t it.

Lost their moral compass.