The Covington Catholic High School Students Did Nothing Wrong


It’s about the school environment. I question any school who thought this was ok. Makes me wonder what they are teaching these young men. That’s all.

I do not know if the kids in DC are racist or racially ignorant. But the school let this happen.


Ah - you’re just wondering. Is that why you have been incessantly spamming this shit for hours?

Proof or GTFO.


Sounds a lot less like wondering and a lot more like implying.


The difference above and beyond all else is intent. They weren’t pretending to be black or mocking black minstrels.

The "blackout "was no more racist than this.

Or This.


There is no racist intent behind any of them.


That kid is in black face.


Repeating the same accusation posed as question again and again isn’t helping your case with anyone but your fellow racially obsessed trolls.


No, he’s in black body makeup. Get a damned clue.


What is that second picture of? It’s very mesmerizing.


Media is at it again! They are doubling down and looking for a way to destroy this young mans credibility!


Proof or GTFO…


He - and two or three others in the pics I’ve seen - are in black face and full black body paint.

The highlighting of the eyes and lips in white are consistent with traditional black face.

You could argue they put the black face on to exhibit black pride, but it is disingenuous to claim it is not black face.


look at the picture.


It isn’t about the school “environment”. Please just stop with your false concern for what is being “taught” to these young men.

It is about you trying to show in some way, shape or form some kind of racism to fit your narrative. The grasping at straws you are contorting yourself to is really pathetic.


black face.


The kid is in blackface. He highlighted his eyes and lips in white per traditional blackface.

He is in black face.

Wether he did so to mock african americans or he did it to exhibit school pride - when the school colors seems to be white and blue - is another argument.


Seriously, are you people just ignorant, utterly dishonest to the core or both?

What is “blackface”.

“Blackface” was a type of acting that was performed in the late 1800’s into the late 1930’s. White actors and actress’s would put on black makeup on their face, with a white or pink outline (exagerated) around the mouth.
They would then do acting or comedy using the stereotipical black accents, words, dancing and singing which were all exagerated.
Al Jolson was a famous white actor that did black face singing and actiing. One of his most famous performences was a song called “Mammy!”;_ylt=AwrJ61sq2kdc0NQAHYVXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEycnE0ZmU4BGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMyBHZ0aWQDQjY4MjFfMQRzZWMDc2M-?qid=1005123004562

Keep trying to make this something it never was, it shows just how desperate you have all become.


OMG, the horror!

Black people would probably be laughing their asses off at your “sensitivity” on their behalf.

Quite frankly, they’d probably wonder WTF is wrong with you.


anyone think it’s strange that the school changed the pledge of allegiance?


I’m confused as to how providing a definition of black face proves a few boys with black make up on their faces and white highlights around their mouths and eyes were not in blackface.


Do you have any actual evidence to show that they did? What did they change it to?


Then get someone who made it past the sixth grade to read and explain it to you.