The Covington Catholic High School Students Did Nothing Wrong


Ok so one shill took a shitter break and the other one took over to continue shilling.

How many times are you going to repeat blackface shill?

What I want to know from you is:

Since your other shill friend would not answer why don’t you try.


can you direct me to the post in which I displayed this humorous sensitivity you are referencing?

I am simply pointing out these kids were in black face.

Until we agree on some basic realities, it’s pointless to discuss wether this activity was offensive, or racist.



You posted this as if it saves you?!


Who cares what some other kids from some other point in time were doing shill?


I was saved long ago, you two are apparently beyond help at all.


this paragraph:

“On a daily basis our students are given opportunities to live their faith. They include inserting the words ‘born and unborn’ at the end of the Pledge of Allegiance,” a letter to parents said.

from this article:


We don’t agree on your version of what you are trying to twist into reality.

The only one claiming to be offended here is…you.





The evil here apparently is that for many years they have had a “blackout day” themed pep rally.

It apparently goes back to days long past when scores were kept on blackboards when if you kept your opponent from scoring they were “blacked out”.

There’s sure as hell nothing racist about it except to the racially obsessed and reflexive race baiters.


Your definition proves those kids were in black face.

Are you always this insulting to people you are having a discussion with?


How can white kids possibly have a blackout day without painting their faces black?! Damn libs


Since you have nothing else, by all means keep spamming us with the same photos.




Can you please direct me on how I am supposed to contact the power company to describe that I don’t have electricity?

Apparently, calling it a “blackout” makes me a racist.


Why do I care about a fictional comic book character?! Is this the best you can do? :joy::joy::joy:


You keep proving either you can’t read or you’re simply dishonest at your core.

Although I’m not excluding both as a possibility either.




Oh bless your heart… you think the issue is the term blackface. You’re cute.


When you can’t attack the logic, attack the poster.


The kid painted a joker smile on his face you idiot.


Where was the logic again? You said the term blackface is racist. I’ve made no such claim. You obviously thought you were clever and you fell flat.