The Covington Catholic High School Students Did Nothing Wrong


That doesn’t fit the narrative, Zantax. Therefore, it is only relevant if you are intellectually curious enough to want both sides of the story before jumping on the bandwagon.


Looks pretty obvious - the kids are clearing honoring Native Americans by joining in. What else would it be?


I’m not stating anything other than what I said in the post you quoted.

It is implausible that a Recon Marine stationed in Vietnam didn’t see combat.

It seems at best unclear as to whether or not he ever set foot in country.


It’s called “school pride”. Not exactly strange to see fans painting themselves up in school colors for a pep rally or game these days.

Making the “Blackout Day” racial is the most ridiculous of stretches.

This isn’t close to “black face”.

One has to be utterly desperate, out of their mind, or a bald faced liar to make something racial out of this.


It wasn’t “blackface” buy a clue.


Yeah, just another liberal scarecrow. Maybe this is blackface too?


I see white kids with there faces painted black. Show me another HS or College game where white kids in the crowd are celebrating “school pride” by painting their faces black?


Oh burn…:joy::joy:

Kids with their entire face painted black isn’t blackface.

Most absurd thing I’ve heard.


So anyway, even more videos are coming out to contradict Philips. Who could have seen that coming?

In fact, some of the media is now starting to compare the false narrative of this incident to the Kavanaugh circus.


Now you are just detailing the thread :joy:

Ah false narrative…Like Benghazi? Or like Seth Rich? Oh no… it’s like Uranium One? Which false narrative are you talking about?

Back to your comment… how was Kavanaugh a false narrative? Who verifiably lied?


Then you need glasses.

There are kids with black outfits.

There are kids with their bodies, arms, and faces painted partially or completely black.

This is “blackface”.

This is “blackface”


That isn’t even remotely similar to what the Covington students were doing.


He knows. When are you going to stop taking the bait?


Lies left unchallenged become perceived as truth.

I’m fine with showing them for who and what they really are.


Also note how the left suddenly gives a shit about veterans. These are the same people who were spitting on Vietnam Veterans when they came home - but now that Chief Bullshitter is one of them all of a sudden they love Vietnam Vets.


Did the kids have black paint on their face? Yes or no?

What’s the difference between this

And this



Having “black on your face” does not equal “Blackface”.

Just quit, you’re making a fool of yourself.

The kid has black paint on his whole torso, head, arms, and hands in keeping with the “black out” theme of the pep rally.

This could only be considered racist by the racially obsessed who see the racist boogeyman hiding in every shadow and around every corner.


When you were young and stupid did your school stop you from being young and stupid?

Also…is this the same kid? (Rhetorical)

Finally, please say hello to your wife’s son for me.


What?! :joy::joy:

“Truth isn’t truth” :joy::joy:

To back up your point, I am sure you can show me other school sporting events where white kids painted their faces completely black? College? Professional?

What is the difference in the 2 pictures TWR? Come on you can do it!


Why don’t you get at the point? What are you trying to say by showing a completely different person who went to the same school at a completely different time?


What? You don’t know me. Weirdo