The Covington Catholic High School Students Did Nothing Wrong


The Covington Cathloic High School students were on a school trip to DC for the March for Life and went to Lincoln memorial… as they were instructed to by their teachers and chaperones. The race-baiting old bastard walked in the middle of a group of KIDS and started banging a drum/staring down a teen. The kid waited for the weirdo to go away and is now being targeted by a leftist mob.

Here is a video clearly showing that Nathan Phillips approached the students. On the basis of the evidence available to the press, I believe that people who issued categorical and one-sided condemnations of the students should retract and apologize. If they refuse, they should be sued into oblivion.

Here is the video that the left is pushing. They didn’t fact check any of this and they in-fact are doubling down that the Covington Catholic High School students were being racists. Spread the truth everywhere on this. The kid in the video was guilty of one thing - being white.


The kids were targeted by the race-baiting injun because of their MAGA hats. He deliberately walked in to the middle of the group to cause “confrontation”. He knew exactly what he was doing. Total set up!


Some might remember Nathan Phillips from the Dakota Access Pipeline. He’s a professional activist and inserts himself in the middle of things to stir up controversy and attract media attention. He’s been at this for years. He was walking around looking for someone he thought he could provoke.


It would be nice to see Catholic leaders close ranks around Catholic kids, at least until facts and truth have been revealed. Instead, these boys were thrown to the wolves by the left and neocons on the right. For what? Standing still and smiling while some man bangs a drum directly in your face?


The kid was silently respectful throughout the encounter and did nothing wrong. Despite this, he’s now being dragged through the mud. Facts don’t matter with this totally disingenuous crowd. Their goal is to engineer wrongdoing and obstruct the truth.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: he was an insolent little shit.


So what did he do exactly?


It’s called mute insubordination. He mugged for his friends. He feels he is that man’s equal (or better).


Oh look what we have here, an outraged leftist. Nothing triggers a leftist more than seeing a proud American stand their ground and not react to their race baiting tricks. That young man made his family, his school, and his country proud. That’s how young men should behave. Never back down in the face of harassment and intimidation. I wish I could say I would have done the same but I have lost my patience. If that left wing nutjob was an inch away from my face with his stank breath beating his toy drum I probably would have broke his damn jaw.


Ok, if you say so…


What a load of shit! That old man is a known agitator. He’s the Native American equivalent of Al Sharpton. He was the one causing a scene for the cameras.



Don’t pay any attention to that idiot. He doesn’t read threads and he clearly didn’t see any of the videos that have come out today showing how the media has completely fabricated this whole event. He’s nothing but a DNC shill posing as a conservative to cause in-fighting. He’s a waste of time and space. Step right over his posts like you would a steaming pile of shit.


Ok, if you say so…


Well well, it’s Jeff. The guy that likes to tell people they’re doing it wrong. And now I’m an idiot. I’ll wear it as a badge of honor.

Want to have a moderated debate Jeff? Me and you.

I’m sorry I hurt your feelings. Jeff.


In this video, at 2 minutes, 14 seconds, watch closely as the boy standing in front of the drummer motions to his friend to be quiet…out of respect for the music.


Something isn’t adding up. If Chief Bullshitter is 64 and born in 1955 and the US pulled all of their combat troops in March 1973 as part of Operation Homecoming how could he be a Vietnam Veteran?



He obviously lied about his age and joined at 16. That’s what people did for Vietnam. Also - math is racist.


Vietnam is his spirit animal.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: yeah, that’s what it was.