The Covington Catholic High School Students Did Nothing Wrong


So it doesn’t matter because it’s old?

This history didn’t affect me or my ancestors. I am not black. However I don’t need to be black to know the ugly history of blackface.




Like I said, if you want to criticize the school for allowing it, be my guest, just don’t pretend it has any bearing on the current story, or the way these kids were treated by the adults there or on social media or in the media.




What does this prove again? Help me out?


It has nothing to do with your age or mine.

What black person has experienced this supposed “nasty” side of blackface? What was the “nasty” side again? I keep hearing it’s bad but dont know why. Is “imitation the sincerest form of flattery” not true for the eternally offended SJWs? Just assume I am racially ignorant and need to be taught. Teach me, Mr Squarepants.


Wearing a MAGA hat is not racist as the libtard left propaganda wants you to believe.
If you hate Trump and your hate is spilling over you need a doctor.


No it doesn’t. Well, unless you consider vaudeville as nasty, that is.


What are you insinuating? Linchings? :roll_eyes:


Okay. Black is out. So tell us … what colors are allowed?

Your fake concern is a nice touch though, congratulations.


I find libs offensive.

So what’s your problem?


So you have to actually expierence something in order to know it’s bad/good?


Well I guess we could constantly remind people to be fearful and angry in case they forget.

But hey… give me second hand, third hand, anecdotal evidence… out with it, dude. Educate me. Here’s your chance to school me.

Tell me how it was “nasty” and hurt black people…


You think these kids aren’t mocking that guy?

Kids harassing a female student:


I see Laura Ingraham said that Trump invited those kids to white house…that should really piss off those libs. :rofl:




It is idiotic to think that blacks would be in the KKK and wear the white hoods similar to the KKK costumes.


Best thing to do is ignore the leftist shills. They get paid to sit at home and derail threads. How much is David Brock paying per post nowadays?


Guess you don’t wonder at all what she said to them on her way by them?


Smirk towards native American man = Facecrime. Doubleplus ungood. Newspeak 1984.