The Covington Catholic High School Students Did Nothing Wrong


That was so funny it hurt.


If the wiki page is accurate he was born in 54 and served four years from 72-76 including service in Vietnam.

Politics aside that makes him a first class bad ass.

A whole lot of Vietnam Vets that left patriots came home bitter, angry, and full of hate.

That was also a time in which the reservations were cesspools of abject poverty, hopelessness, drugs, alcoholism, wife beating, child abuse and every other kind of criminality you can imagine.

That spurred many things good and bad including the “Native Pride” movement and many militant groups.

In this case the old man wasn’t even the instigator a group of black militants who call themselves “African Hebrew Israelites”, tried to instigate a conflict with the students and Phillips tried to capitalize on it.


It would be completely implausible that a Recon Marine stationed in Vietnam didn’t see combat unless he was killed in a plane crash upon arrival in country.


So you are sure he isn’t just a Vietnam era vet? Look at the references in your wiki article and find where he says unambiguoisly that he served in Vietnam.

He uses strange terminology… “I’m from Vietnam times”. He never says he served in Vietnam. ( and so, I dont accuse him of lying. He appears to be an honorable vet.) But some journalists have said it… but most people today do not know what the status of a “Vietnam era” vet means. I know … because I’m a Vietnam era vet… an official status simply designating that I was active duty between certain dates. But I never set foot in Vietnam.


What is this school teaching there kids… color me surprised


That wasn’t blackface - it was a school sports event where they were showing school spirit. Stop contributing to the bullshit fake news narrative.


So because they did other colors, it makes black face ok? :joy::joy:


Have you been to a high school ball game lately? Heard of theme nights? Our colors are Blue and black so we have Black out night, White out, another Blue and another Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. Another is Red White and Blue. Please don’t make that about race. This has been going on at high schools across the US for a long time.


Interesting switch on libs’ part. More often than not, libs denigrate older people. Now they refer to the native activist as “an elder” and suggest there was disrespect being shown to “an elder”.

Bull crap.


I’ve been to 100s of basketball games, college and HS. I’ve never seen black face. I’ve seen black clothing, white clothing and blue clothing. Never black face.


Kudos to Twitter and CNN for reporting this.


Unless black faces offend you, why would that not be OK?


Better watch out, this guy’s doing blue face. Must be racist against Smurfs.


Even if they intended that black body paint to be derogatory to black people, which hasn’t been proven, they aren’t the same kids as the ones involved here and it in no way justifies what the media and twitter trolls did to these students. There were certainly racists in my high school, of various races, that doesn’t mean I was one of them or in any way responsible for their behavior.


It should offend everyone who isn’t racist or racially ignorant. Blackface has a nasty history in this country.


The school they attend allowed that to happen. What else do they allow?


How is it relevant to what we could plainly see in the unedited video, which wasn’t them allowing anything offensive to take place? If you want to use the students being allowed to paint themselves black to criticize the school, fine, if you want to go after the students who painted themselves black, also fine, none of it justifies lying about what these kids did or making threats against them.


A history so old that most of us have never seen a nasty side. When will we leave the past behind and move on?


I am concerned about the environment these kids are in. This school allowed that to happen. What else do they allow?

This story about what transpired in DC is one thing… but these kids could be a product of an environment that allows racially insensitive gestures.