The Covington Catholic High School Students Did Nothing Wrong


I would say it’s time for the Covington Catholic HS and students start lawsuits against all corporate companies responsible for smearing their name along with lawsuits for psychological trauma in the millions. Public apologies and retractions from all MSM companies as well.


What th fuck does this have to do with the OP?


Funny how that shit works for libs, huh?


Just libs huh? Cons are innocent?

I believe it’s stupid to wish death threats on anyone… no matter your political leanings. Hyper partisans choose sides and swim in hypocrisy. I’m not.


Yep, people … like you for example … just made it up. Those kids were not performing “black face.” You broadened the definition and whadda ya know. You found racism. Congratulations! :roll_eyes:


Talk about hypocrisy. :smile:


Care to elaborate? What do you mean


Just read your post as though someone else wrote it. It should be obvious.


Black facing is really stupid, to be honest. I hear that they used to do it in the 1920s for black characters, but times have changed, and we have black people to play the black characters.

It looks like they have mud on their faces.


Yeah but everybody gets stereotyped. Only stereotyping of black people is deemed evil and bigoted and harmful.


Unfortunately that’s how the media sees it. Anybody but white people deserve to be respected, apparently.


Sure if you forgot about the historical context of racism, in America, then what you said makes perfect sense.


So racism only exists because of the media? That’s an interesting take.


The media certainly perpetuates it.


Yes, we should forget about it. It happened. We ourselves corrected it. We did not need some other country to force the correction upon us. We corrected our mistake. Time to move on. We arnt going back.


I hate to say this but I see David Hogg is a very troubled young man. Dead eyes. Anger and rage just exude out of his every pore. I’ve read statements of him talking about his parents and he is so disrespectful. I think he is one that needs to be carefully watched. IMO, this kid is a timebomb.




Just a good ole Vietnam ERA vet… like me. Never set foot in Vietnam.



It’s about time.


I hope they do. I’m grabbing my popcorn.