The Covington Catholic High School Students Did Nothing Wrong


I was right about this all along which I must say doesn’t surprise me. Big Chief Telling Lies was visably lying from the start so why believe a word Dances with Food Stamps says? Fuck Talking Bollocks he was talking bollocks. Time to join the Womp Womp clan you piss smelling old bum.

KYS shills.







By not fixing very many refrigerators.


Looks like a Ninja in a skin tight Lycra body suit to me. :wink:


They added the words “under God” between “nation” and “indivisible.” :wink:


I think you may finally be getting it.



What a POS


Bullshit. You are just looking for racism in these pictures to justify your initial reaction (which has subsequently been show to be false) to the video clip of the Covington kid and the Indian drummer.


The word “nappy” is racist. :wink:


Racism is everywhere if you broaden the definition to fit your agenda and go looking for it accordingly. Liberals have perfected this strategy except introspectively.


Yep! Blackface on a white person is no longer racist folks! People just made it up. Libs



Then the POS Nathan Phillips does this! End of Story!




His Indian name must be Running Refrigerator.


Personally, I think Nathan Phillip’s is stereotyping Native Americans with his self parodying drum beating.
Remember? That’s how we knew on old “cowboy and indian” shows that “injuns” were nearby… you could hear their drums.


Same old boring circular nothing.

Never can let a post stand and they never act alone.




Earlier blackface was done in name of art…whether it was for expression, comedy or whatnot. It was to provoke a reaction.

And since we know libs like to think they have monopoly on art.