The anxiety of living in Trump’s America



Give me an example of tyranny of the minority in the US.


Did you know that noonm did a hit and run.

Makes it happy when people post to it’s topic and it’s laughing all day long.


Tyranny is tyranny. Neither should be acceptable.


Same sex “marriage”


Masterpiece bakery. Multiple times.


Dreamers are a product of Barack Obama and represents the over reach of the executive branch as well as bypassing congress who establishes law.

As a side note sneaky refers to the 216 election results and the electoral college both are the result of protections given thus by the people who wrote the constitution

Federalist 68 explains the reasoning behind the electoral college. Few Americans have taken the time to read the Federalist papers which give the reasoning behind many issues surrounding the constitution.


It was a reference to a liberal reporter who said he gets a “thrill” up his leg when he hears Obama speak.



Prop 8 in California.


Sanctuary cities and states.


7 million? Wow. So you should have no trouble in the Senate. There are just a few dozen Republicans there.

Wait…ummmm… I’m not sure it works that way.


Wealthy people always call themselves “middle class” when they want to pretend to be a typical American. But to avoid being mistaken for the wannabees, they often say “firmly” middle class… or similar.


Proposition 8 was passed by a majority.

DACA was an executive order.

Sanctuary cities are enacted by local politicians elected by a majority of people. Will of the people.

The ACA was passed in congress by a majority and signed by the president.
It makes you wonder how the majority of people who dislike the ACA would elect democrats to office after this giant over reach. Interesting fact is the ACA is the only entitlement ever that was a partisan law.


Hey, you asked. Not my fault you don’t like the answer.

As for the electoral college, I agree, it was a protection put in place against the politicians manipulating the electorate. The Founders weren’t dumb.


Proposition 8 was nullified by a minority.

DACA was a capitulation to minority pressure.

Will of the people? Ok, Trump.


Prop 8 was nullified by the courts. A minority or the courts upholding the constitution?

DACA was an illegal executive order. The Repubs refused to take it to the courts and the end result is we are now stuck with yet another presidential law.

Sanctuary cities are a majority policy enacted by the politicians who were elected by the majority.


The Masterpiece bakery fiasco was a product of the state of Colorado, a blue state and supported by the people’s republic of Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins, Greeley where the majority resides.


Homosexuals are less than 3% of the population.

Obama signed DACA because they were screaming at him.

Sanctuary cities are appeasing the Latino vote. Latinos are 17% of the population. Even if all them wanted open borders, they don’t, it would still be a small minority.


Look at Seattle running Washington.


Obama didn’t sign DACA he created it.
DACA exists because Obama got tired of negotiating with Congress on immigration, especially on the DREAM Act, which would have exempted school-age illegal immigrants from deportation. After having insisted to his supporters throughout most of his first term (on at least 25 occasions) that he didn’t have the authority to change the law by executive order, Obama did just that in June 2012. In doing so, Obama gambled that any future successors would not want to face the political headache of reversing his EO — a gamble that clearly did not pay off.

Sanctuary cities:
Some municipalities deliberately lay claim to the title explicitly to protect immigrants. Others simply wish to avoid potential legal problems that might stem from detaining people without full authority. Many, including Los Angeles, cite the difficulty of policing the city when the undocumented are afraid any contact with the authorities could end in deportation.
The left in the cities believe Sanctuary cities recognize that deportation is the wrong punishment for illegal immigration. Imagine that, anyone can enter the US and not be deported according to the big city folk.


That is incorrect. He signed DACA because he had Latina women screaming in his ears. Until they bled.


He’s entirely correct on that one. We’ve had activist liberals on our supreme court a long, long time. However, now California is so far gone they don’t even need an activist court anymore, the libs have such a stranglehold on things.

An initiative in California like Prop 8 becomes a part of the constitution when passed. That court wasn’t upholding anything but the liberal mindset.

Back in the 1980’s Jerry Brown appointed a few liberal abominations to the supreme court, and his chief justice, Rose Bird, was so arrogant and flagrantly political that she got bounced when her retention on the court had to be confirmed in a vote (I think they all need to win a retention vote every ten years). It had always been just a formality that appointed supremes were confirmed, but she was decisively defeated (along with two other liberal supremes). It used to be that my state had fits of sanity, but no more.