The anxiety of living in Trump’s America

I couldn’t find a thread on this specific topic, but it’s come up a lot in my personal political discussions. Full disclosure: I am a well-off, older white male native-born American, albeit a non-Christian, so I am certainly not in a maximally threatened category under this Administration. But we all know what it is like to live in Trump’s America. A close friend of mine made a brilliant comment early on that it was like suddenly getting an erratic and abusive step-parent.

When my father hit his upper 80s and his health became fragile, I was constantly expecting to hear a phone call with bad news from his caregivers across the country. One way my anxiety manifested itself was that I would wake up with my feet “buzzing”. Eventually, of course, the calls came, my father passed away in 2012, and in due time, the anxiety went away.

Starting a few weeks ago, the buzzing has come back each morning.

My goal in this thread is for people to have a chance to discuss their own reactions, suggestions for dealing with the stress, etc. My personal guess is that ITMFA is only a first step; there’s a lot of de-Trumpification that will need to be done. I’m interested in hearing what this Political Bullpen has to say.

One further point - yes, obviously, a personal commitment of concrete actions towards political change are an essential step, which I guess most here have taken (ando or are willing to take), and yes, there has been considerable anecdotal evidence that anxiety and stress levels are up throughout the country, and not just in our house. Also, we have had dogs in the past and probably in the future.

My anxiety of living in Trump’s America is that I’m getting tired of winning. I’ve called the White House and told the President - please, Mr. President it’s too much winning. I can’t take it anymore. The President told me that we have to keep winning and we have to win more. I guess I’ll just have to hang in there with all of this winning.


Probably a good reason for that. Did you stop and think, why? Did the bright red bull with the pointy horns say to you…this is a safe space?


Is this another trying desperately to explain and rationalize their own Trump derangement syndrome?


Well, I suppose when you’re used to being treated like a snowflake and supporting snowflake causes, it could be stressful for you and your friends.

Since you are a well off older white male, a day at the spa may help to relieve your stress. :heart:

:rofl::rofl::rofl: Good one Claire! :+1:

Gawds, you’d think they’d at least read a bit before starting a thread. :roll_eyes:


What have YOU won from this man? I can’t think of a single thing that he has done that has actually provided a benefit or improved the lives of the average working person. He cares nothing for the working poor and underserved / underprivileged.

Did you know that as of today more than 7 million people have signed on to demand that Congress remove our criminal president from office. The movement to impeach is not slowing down and it’s only a matter of time before that criminal is out of office.



Yeah, uh! Get up, now!
Ow! Knock out this!

MAGA rallies, coast to coast
Easy to get yo hat
Oh the media is in overload
Mueller strides behind the scene
How does it feel
When there’s been two SCOTUS picks
And some more on the way
You might find out who you are

Living in Trump’s America
Eye to eye, Forum to Forum
Living in Trump’s America
Hand to hand, across the nation
Living in Trump’s America
Got to have a celebration
Rock my soul


Trump is the leader of a cult of whiteness. Trump’s rise is a function of white America’s anxieties about maintaining power in a cosmopolitan and diverse world. Trumpism will fail but not before causing untold pain.

The cult of whiteness?

Are we now gonna have folks trotting out “white leaders” the way the Left has trotted out “black leaders” for decades? I think not…


How about the tax break you saved! Think about that next time you are filing your taxes!

BTW what selfless act have you done for your country or for that matter for your fellow citizens instead of bitching and moaning what entitlements you think you should get?

My anxiety all but disappeared on the night of Nov 7th 2016…I’ll never forget that night. I’m still laughing about it.

But again BNN Snowflakes never gotten over it.


I suggest you talk to a shrink, rather than pinning the death of your parent on president Trump, bc that’s one hell of a reach. Also, here are some suggested readings for you

I am a proud asian immigrant Maga-hatter. So I guess you are going to revoke my race card, oh you self-righteous outrage police?


Exactly what charge will they use? noonm doesn’t like President Trump so we are going to impeach him.

This county has reached a new low, not because trump is president but people like yourself are completely uninformed about the process of impeachment. Not to worry, your democon heroes in the House and senate are as equally uninformed as you.
In case you’re interesting in the impeachment process, here’s a little article that will begin your education.

To the OP- The media spent enormous energy lionizing Obama for eight years, he could do no wrong and anyone who questioned what he did was branded a ‘racist, misogynist’ etc. After eight years of being spat on-when thought of at all- by the Whitehouse and/or the DNC, middle America decided they wanted a change. Try not to fall for the Van Jones nonsense that this is all a “whitelash” against a changing America.

It is a reaction - but to:

  1. Demonization of White people, and White males especially through the verbal legerdemain of ‘critical race theory’ in which all White people are automatically racist for being White

  2. Demonization of masculinity as ‘toxic’ because ugly feminists and man hating lesbians equate all males outside of the LGWTF community with Zeke the wife-beater

  3. Feminization of the male half of the population- the sallow, callow, and hollow new ‘metro generation’

  4. Openly and overtly discarding the blue collar worker in favor of low wage ‘undocumented’ workers- and calling anyone who objects to our nation being overrun and under maintained as ‘racist’

  5. Encouraging social unrest and petulant demands for conformity on campuses - putting in speech codes where free speech should flourish.

  6. Encouraging hatred and insolence toward police, or really any authority figure not of the hard left. Siccing the DOJ on a cop for saving his own life, and the party ruining the life of a SCTUS nominee with ever so conveniently timed phony allegations. Imagine what they’ll pull when RBG finally keels over.

  7. Is there fear of change- yep, and with good reason. Mainstream (what you likely deride as “White”) culture is being replaced by cultures that are:

  • shortsighted with little or no concept of future
    -have little interest in learning anything they don’t already assume (see: Social Sciences)
    -have no interest in STEM
    -excuse bad, even criminal behavior based on race grievance history
    -demonstrate little or no pride in maintaining where they live
    -have out of wedlock birthrates over 70% (thanks Democrats)
    -focus on self pity far more than self improvement.
    -listen to music that celebrates shooting cops, beating your ‘ho’ to death, etc. Please name a hip hop song about getting into med school- going to the ER doesn’t count.
    -have a deep hatred, without even being covert about it, of White people, White history, White anything.

I could go on, but I would hope you understand the ‘anxiety’ the not LGWTF, Moveon, ANTIFA, etc. populace had for eight years under Obama, and why they don’t share your tremblies about Trump.


Here’s what I have to say. I could only dream that someone with the kind of influence that Trump has would grab my nation by the balls and give it a swift slap in the face to wake it the hell up. Trump has followed through on most things that he has promised. Remember the Trans-Pacific Partnership? That one thing that people on both ends of the political spectrum agreed was a really bad idea? What was one of his first executive orders? He scrapped America’s involvement in it. Which basically has put the plan dead in the water. It’s a nasty piece of work that he said he would kill, and he killed it. That thing would have led to even more outsourcing of jobs overseas, which would put the common American in an even worse place. Now? Now Alan Greenspan, former head of the Federal Reserve even had to admit that America has the tightest labor pool that he’s ever seen. Utility companies are cutting rates due to the tax breaks that they’re getting, so the average person is paying less, and saving more. People that live in areas prone to hurricanes now don’t have to worry about their rates going up when they get hit, because the companies now have enough saved up that when they get hit again, they can cover the repairs without passing on the buck to the consumer.

At least you have a leader that actually cares about the people he represents. He’s not going to hand you everything on a silver platter. From what I’ve seen though, he’s doing exactly what needs to be done. He’s giving people opportunity. The opportunity to improve their lives through better work opportunities.

Do you want to know what life is like where I live? Where I basically have the polar opposite of a leader? I have the pleasure of paying 13% tax on most purchases. The wealthiest people enjoy paying an over 50% marginal tax rate on every dollar earned above $220k. Gas prices are okay right now, but they’ll shoot up to being ridiculous within a few months or so, they always do. A pound of lean ground beef costs over $7 at the moment. I have to subject my car every other year to an “emissions test”, which is basically a liberal scam, since all they do is look for a check engine light. If one comes up, you fail. If one doesn’t, but your car is pumping out carbon monoxide like it’s going out of style, you magically pass for some bizarre reason! I also have to pay something called a carbon tax, despite my country being nowhere near one of the most serious offenders of greenhouse gas emissions.

Throw in the fact that I have a virtue signaling former substitute drama teacher that thinks smiling like an idiot, and dancing for the camera is his fucking job. A man who thinks immigrants are more Canadian than the people that are already here, the people that have been working to keep the nation afloat. You want to talk about having anxiety? Try dealing with my rage for one fucking day.

But if you are having problems with tingling in your feet when dealing with anxiety, you might want to try out a supplement called Serrapeptase. There might be some narrowing of the arteries south of the thighs. Some say Serrapeptase can clear out old blockages, but it’s not really been proven. But if something like a blood clot does hit one of those, it would cause a lack of blood flow, resulting in the tingling sensation. Serrapeptase dissolves non living tissue. So it would clear those clots, as well as aid in dealing with things such as arthritis. Aside from that, cut out sugar from your diet, minimize carbs with the exception of sources of soluble fiber such as navy beans and chia seeds. The chia seeds are done best as a gel. 1/8 cup of seeds mixed with 1 cup of water, and let it sit for about half an hour before spooning down that goodness. That should help reduce your LDL cholesterol. Lastly, get more exercise. Start with mild cardio if you’re sedentary, and slowly build your way up to a half hour of moderate intensity before incorporating compound barbell lifts into your routine. Implement that, and your anxiety will likely dissipate.


If you are having physical and psychological manifestations of stress due to Trump being president when he’s done absolutely nothing to threaten you, the problem isn’t Trump, the problem is that you need to seek psychiatric help.


How about the lowest unemployment level in over fifty years?

How bout rising wages and benefits?

How about the lowest minority unemployment since such numbers have been kept?

How about some of the lowest numbed of illegal immigrants successfully breaching our borders in history?

How is all of this not good for everyone but the democratic party?

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